Here is a collection of reviews we have received from teachers, homeschoolers, and parents who have used one or more Schoolhouse Technologies programs and found them helpful in their educational endeavors.

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You are marvellous!!! I can't thank you enough for all the assistance and guidance you have shown and given me. I really appreciate it. My daughter is really struggling with Maths and this program is exactly what she can understand. I've spent a fortune on Math Books and your program has saved Holly (and me!). Many, many thanks.

Michelle T.
Lara, Australia

I cannot tell you how wonderful this Math Resource Studio 5 is. Thank you.

Beverley W.
Orpington, Kent, Great Britain

I have just spent the last few hours going through the program [Math Resource Studio 5] in more detail. I may be missing some things, but I am having absolutely no issues with the program. It is doing exactly what I am wanting it to do. I am really impressed with the changes that have been made to the program. Good work to you and all of your people.

Anthony S.
Oakbank, Manitoba, Canada

Thank you for the positively magnificent customer service and for keeping no-longer-offered software available. So many companies would have cut us Map WF users off at the knees, but Schoolhouse Technologies still makes those things available with no stress to us. That is service!

Kim K.
Ohio, USA

Using Vocabulary Worksheet Factory I have made booklets at three levels. When I went to a school last week, they had some students with significant special education needs. Some students had an intellectual disability while others just had severe reading disabilities. So I designed adjusted versions of the booklet with accommodations; these had only 6 words, and lots of support.

The BEST thing was that the students were able to complete these, and were smiling, instead of crying, about their work!!

Gail B.
Sydney, Australia

I must start by expressing my sincere appreciation for the fantastic program! I have been using the Schoolhouse Test program for all my school tests since March 2010 and am very impressed! It has certainly made setting up the dreaded tests and exam papers a breeze! I now look forward to setting up tests.

Colette A.
Benoni, South Africa

Your software will save man-centuries/woman-centuries/people-centuries of work for busy teachers! It is really great!! The lay-out of tests and exercises is truly professional and neat.

Well done!

John M
Professor of English
Paris, France

Well, my hours of sitting at the computer every weekend have just been halved, even quartered. Thank-you so much for this remarkable site! I have already sent links to my colleagues who are also sitting at home making worksheets.

Today I did a little "tutorial" on the whiteboard for my colleagues to demonstrate my new discovery. Everyone is delighted. You can be sure they will also be downloading and using all three programmes.

Peggy G
Specialist College

I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the new format to Vocabulary Worksheet Factory. Not only are all the new worksheets great, but the bonus of the easier formating is terrific. My time has been cut in half when making new worksheets.

I tried the new PDF export and although it is nice to export both worksheets at the same time, I found that the first time I tried it, the picture came out with a black background rather than its transparent background. I will try this a few more times, though, to see if does it to all, or just the one. Prior to this export, I have just used PRINT TO ADOBE, but this causes me to print the worksheet separately from the answer key. The one nice thing about doing it this way is that the worksheet is immediately opened in the Adobe program. So, it is a toss up. However, I think that it is wonderful that you continue to try and add things that will make tasks easier. Keep up the awesome work!!

I have been a customer of School House Tech for many many years, ordering the original Math Worksheet Factory back in its first version (through my school). Since then, I have ordered the publishing licenses for 3 products. I cannot begin to tell you how valuable your programs are! Thank you for all the hard work that you have put into these products!

Deborah W.
Arizona, USA

Wow! I have been pleased with your Vocabulary Worksheet Factory, but the newest version is really great! Thank you so much!

Janie S.
Tennessee, USA

I use the vocabulary worksheet software. I also subscribe to one other educational software title on an annual basis. (Ed Helper is pretty good.) I have subscribed to another software package this year. I have just wasted US $30. No other software comes anywhere near your products. Your stuff is easy to use and adaptable to Australian needs. All the worksheets I make using Schoolhouse Technologies software look professional and are easy for children to use. The one off payment gives me a solid product that I can use almost daily.

I recommend your company whenever I can. Thanks

Nick B.
Perth, WA, Australia

I like it [Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 4]. I could do a lot of things with it that I couldn't do with the old program. It seems more user friendly. It is a winner!

I use the worksheets I make every day in my classroom for math, reading, social studies and science. It is a very useful tool for me in the special needs classroom. I have a font program that makes the dotted line letters for the children to trace and I can run off pages of vocabulary for the children using that as well as the other options. I use the dotted line font on the crossword puzzle and the higher students do the crossword puzzles as a cross word puzzle. The lower functioning students do it as a fine motor exercise tracing the letters. I do much more with it. I am sold on the program.

Debrah R.
Special Needs Teacher
Rupert, Idaho, USA

I'm really enjoying the new vocabulary software [Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 4]. I've used Schoolhouse Technologies software now for gosh...I don't know how long...but it's been a long time. I wouldn't be without it.

Your products are the best! I teach general ed, but am certified in special ed, as well. Usually, I take the inclusion class which means I always have a wide range of abilities in my room. The Schoolhouse family of products make it so easy for me to differentiate instruction for my kids. Especially when you have the option to provide hints. I am able to tailor the worksheet to a child's specific needs and/or, make it more challenging for those without learning disabilities. Another aspect is the RtI (Response to Intervention) we now use to identify students who may qualify for special ed services. While administering interventions, I'm able to have more control over the product and create something specific for that particular student and the skill we're targeting for remediation.

Another thing about your company...the quality of customer service is EXCELLENT...and always has been.

Nancy J.
Clearwater, Florida, USA

I have only used your program [Schoolhouse Test] a few times, but I really think it is much better than any I have used or looked at. I am still learning all the ropes, but I feel very confident with the program and think it is great. I have been telling all my colleagues about it.

Thanks for a great product that does what it says.

Mark G
Loganville, Georgia, USA

Thanks very much for the opportunity to upgrade free to Maths Resource Studio 4. The program looks even better than before.

I sang praises about your program at a recent PD day in our area. I hope others take up the program. I think it is fantastic in its flexibility and usability.

Thank you very much for the resource - my students enjoyed their algebra experience (using your worksheet factory 3 worksheets this year).

Grant H.
Alexandra, Central Otago, New Zealand

Hello all,

I'm happy to see MRS4 out and about! You've all done a great job -- while Math worksheet factory was a lifesaver of a programme, MRS4 is inspired! I rely on it.

Thanks for the offer of the free programme. You folks really know how to do things -- constantly keeping up and revising.

Thanks again.

Treesh L.
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

I have to say that you guys have the best customer service of any business I've dealt with. I don't know if you're the boss, but you definitely deserve a raise.

I'll keep spreading the word about the program and the great customer service that comes with it.

Gary A.
Connecticut, USA

I do appreciate your products...and I love the Test! I was able to create a 30 question Social Studies test in 15 minutes first time.

Thank you for such a great product!

Morey F.
California, USA

I have forwarded your mail to our admin support team and hopefully they will be able to sort it out with the advice you have given.

Once again, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your support and feedback and the promptness of your follow-up!

Thank you so much! - a lot of companies could learn a lot from your example.


Anne M
Technology Teacher
Ballito, South Africa

I do appreciate your products...and I love the Test! I was able to create a 30 question Social Studies test in 15 minutes first time.

Thank you for such a great product!

Morey F.
California, USA

I've already tested the wordsearch for this past week's spelling words [from Vocabulary Worksheet Factory]. WOW! It's great and I can add my own pictures to the top. I can imagine our integrated unit for Social Studies and Math/Art and language having a lot of new worksheets by Monday as I learn how to use the program and all the different sheets. My students have learned many dolch words so I'll use them to write some of my own short Social Studies pages then make worksheets to go along with them.

Thanks for your suggestion to download it for evaluation. Otherwise I would have waited for the CD to arrive. Maybe I'll be able to convince our IT person to buy a site licence if I can show her how the sheets can be used. Our entire school, elementary and high school only has about 80 students.

Dawn S.
Ontario, Canada

Your tech support is awesome, I have never had such prompt and helpful service before. Your product [Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 3] has been an excellent resource for me for several years.

....I truly mean this is the best support I have ever received online or via email.

Peggy E.
California, USA

Maths Factory and Vocabulary Worksheet Factory are real treasures.

Maths Factory is a really easy to use program which has had a great deal of use in the school where I teach since its introduction. Even members of staff who find computers challenging have used the program regularly. It is a great time-saver, a ready-source of amazing resources and a powerful tool for producing differentiated worksheets.

Vocabulary Worksheet Factory requires more program familiarity and more teacher input. It is well-worth getting to know the program. My experience is that children love the resources produced. The "Magic Text Distiller" is a great time-saver.

Gareth R.
Birmingham, UK

This program [Schoolhouse Test] is FANTASTIC! I have already shown it to so many other teachers. I am going to take it to my old school principal and get her to purchase it for the school. I wish I had this program back when I was a classroom teacher! It would have made my life so much easier.

It is so user friendly, and can be used for more than test & quizzes. I have used it to make review sheets and other kinds of worksheets for my daughter. It is an amazing resource!

Tracy E.
North Charleston, South Carolina, USA

We can't thank you enough! This will give our daughters (especially the older) the challenge they've been wanting.

Your programs are at the core of our home school, and have been since the beginning. We have always appreciated your excellent products, but we have an even deeper appreciation for your customer service and support.

Please send our thanks to the developers.

Lillie W.
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

"The program [Schoolhouse Test] makes very clean, professional looking tests. I have taken mine and had them (both pre-course & post-course tests) laminated and placed in a spiral-bound booklet for continued use. The addition of pictures and different question formats add to the test and allow for different learning styles."

"You have been quick to respond to all questions and 'Schoolhouse Test' is a very easy to use program that allows for quick copy/paste fill-in and is in an easy-to-use format. The results might possibly be duplicated by other programs, but the time and effort would be considerably more."

John C.
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Thank you so much for sending me the backup copies - I have now downloaded them and my pupils love all the different word searches and crosswords. They make great fillers for lessons, homeworks and really useful revision practice for revising the terms and phrases we use. I teach Geography to 11 to 18 year olds at a private school in the North of England and I keep telling other teachers how useful they are!

Thanks again.

Judith R.
Preston UK

It would be easy to underestimate the usefulness of the products I have purchased from Schoolhouse Technologies. I teach Spanish, French and English to adults, and I'm very impressed with the Vocabulary Worksheet Factory and Schoolhouse Bingo.

I discovered Schoolhouse Technologies when I downloaded the free Basic Math Facts program from the Internet for my son. It was so easy to use, and took the drudgery out of preparing simple worksheets for regular review.

What I discovered is that the other programs are extremely useful for teaching adults as well. Although my classes are mostly conversational, my students love being able to take something home for review that reinforces what they learned, and in an entertaining way. They learn well when they have an opportunity to "play" with new language.

Using the Bingo program for vocabulary review is great! My students have fun, and almost seem surprised when the result is an increased vocabulary. They didn't study. They just play, and feel like they become bilingual "by accident".

Language teachers can use the Picture area of the vocabulary worksheets in some creative ways that perhaps even the programmers never thought of. For example, you can create a small graphic file with all of the forms of an irregular verb, and insert it as a picture. Then, as students work through the worksheet, they have an easy reference at the top of the page to help them become acquainted with the new verb.

All of the Schoolhouse Technologies programs are super easy to use, and the tech support has been excellent. I had a strange quirk in using the program which was related to my computer's in unique configuration, and the response from tech support was very quick and resolved the problem completely.

I like being able to customize the vocabulary worksheets so that they have the same look and feel as the other notes I distribute. That ensures that my work maintains a consistently professional quality.

I really like these programs, and the company as well. There's a lot more to both then you are likely to see at first glance on a web site.

Keith S.
Vancouver, BC

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