Software Testing Center

Prior to releasing new software or major upgrades of current software, Schoolhouse Technologies will run a beta trial to expose the software to real-world use and evaluation. Copies of software in beta trial will be made available to those who are interested in testing the software and reporting any bugs, problems, or suggestions for improvements.

  • Getting an advance look at new software.
  • The delight in discovering bugs that we didn't catch in our in-house alpha testing.
  • Enhancing the software for your own use by suggesting possible improvements.

Please note that this is not a way to obtain free software as the beta copies of the software will expire at the end of the trial period. Also, please be aware that the software will almost certainly have bugs, which is why it is not yet ready for general release.

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, please complete the application form below. We will respond to your application within one business day.

Software Currently in Beta Trial

There is no software currently in beta trial. Next scheduled beta testing is for Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 5 in spring 2013.