Math Resource Studio 6 Release Notes

Version - December 11, 2020

Resolved several errors and exceptions.

Version - September 24, 2020

Counting Money: Fixed coin image collection missing from previous installation package.

Version - August 20, 2020

Time Passages: Fixed possible incorrect time when Show Seconds Hand option was turned off. Time could be off by one minute.

Version - July 27, 2020

Fixed screen display after update to Windows 10 caused flickering of application window when resizing.

Version - November 15, 2019

Make-Sum Activity: Fixed issue in answer bank where displayed answers were the actual sums rather than the missing second addend.

Updated security protocol for application version upgrade check function.

Resolved several other minor errors and exceptions.

Version - August 22, 2019

Fixed issue in text blocks where the final character in a line of text might be dropped on some printers or pdf generators.

Resolved several additional issues and errors.

Version - February 11, 2019

Upgraded the .Net Framework to version 4.5.2 for increased stability and functionality. The .Net Framework is the set of Microsoft code assemblies that provide the underlying structure for the application.

Version - September 30, 2018

Circle Drills: Added lock function for edited target numbers. Generating new values will not change the target number while locked.

Updated the set of included activities for the Starter and Basic editions with several additions.

Resolved several other errors and exceptions.

Version - February 8, 2018

Sudoku: Generating multiple expert level sudokus could cause the program to stop responding. Fixed.

Inequalities: Fixed incorrect answers when inequality sentence was divided or multiplied by negative value.

Version - January 15, 2018

Shopping Problems: Fixed incorrect pronoun. Changed her's to her.

Place Value: Fixed loss of grouping when selecting spaces for digit grouping, i.e., Canadian formatting.

Resolved several other errors and exceptions.

Version - December 13, 2016

Options Pane: Fixed divide-by-zero-exception that could occur when attempting to change text in the options grid cell for instructions and/or other drop down editors.

Version - November 24, 2016

Number Problems: Improved randomization engine to more reliably produce random values.

Resolved several other errors and exceptions.

Version - June 19, 2016

Custom Word Problems: Fixed error that would occur when using exponents greater than 10.

Word Problems: Fixed issue with names not pulling from list correctly when some name fields were empty.

Pictures: Improved quality of pictures when automatically resized to fit available space.

Picture Editor: Added option to control picture quality.

Resolved several other errors and exceptions.

Version - April 30, 2016

Comparing Numbers: Resolved issue where decimal values did not appear when localization was set to some international configurations.

Match-Ups: Added option for vertical spacing between match items.

Background: Fixed error that could occur when setting opacity for the background image.

Multiple Operations - Addition and Subtraction: Increased maximum range to 999,999.

Resolved several other errors and exceptions.

Version - February 1, 2016

Basic Subtraction with Regrouping: Resolved issues resulting from fixes for this activity in version where negative values were now appearing and options for zeros in 10s, 100s, 1000s were having no effect.

Version - January 26, 2016

New: Advanced Mutliplication activity with selectable multipliers.

Improved: Better distribution of values for shape sizes in Volume activity.

Fixed: Values for basic addition and subtraction with regrouping now adhere more closely to parameters set in options.

Fixed: Number of points for Plot Lines now always matches selected value in options.

Resolved several other errors and exceptions.

Version - December 23, 2015

Fixed missing addition operand in vertical orientation for Doubles Addition activity.

Version - December 21, 2015

New exercise set: Multiple Operations: Addition and Subtraction.

Added option to enclose negative values in parentheses for Exponents activity.

Added option to display identity labels for x and y coordinates for all coordinate activities.

Added option to select number of questions for Custom Questions activity.

Added option to show or not show unit symbols for the answers for Metric Weights and Measures activity.

Added option to Advanced Multiple Operations to use dot for multiplication operator.

Added Go-to-Page function to navigation bar.

Fixed Telling Time activity so that key correctly reflects current answer key color.

Resolved issue for Basic Division where trailing digits in answers did not always print correctly.

Fixed incorrect setup of one of the default Custom Word Problem questions.

Fixed document page scrolling not retaining current position.

Resolved issue where matched grouping for Circle the Numbers activity did not display correctly when Range High was set to 100 and Distribution was set to Balanced.

Resolved additional errors, exceptions, and issues.

Version - September 5, 2015

Resolved issue where header and footer space was not recovered when visibility of header and/or footer was switched off.

Resolved null reference exception that could occur when closing document with close button on file menu.

Resolved issue where selecting online tutorials from start menu resulted in file not found error on website.

Version - August 31, 2015

Initial release of new major version with 17 new math activities and many new options, functions, and improvements for existing activities.