Schoolhouse Test 5 Release Notes

Version - April 10, 2022

Fixed several bugs and errors.

Version - March 11, 2022

Fixed issue where some picture types were not saving correctly and thumbnails were not visible in design view.

Version - January 18, 2022

Templates: fixed issue where templates might not load correctly when selecting from File tab.

Added option in Layout/Spacing to allow line returns at the end of text segments. Previously, trailing line returns were automatically removed.

Improved code that handles sizing and positioning across varying screen sizes.

Sizing and positioning settings now in separate AppData file so that if a reset is required only that file will need to be deleted.

Fill-in-the-Blanks: fixed loss of superscript and subscript formatting when removing words.

Fill-in-the-Blanks: improved wrapping of long selections.

Fill-in-the-Blanks: fixed issue where, in rare instances, indicated answers might extend into neighboring text.

Fixed issue where the selected export folder was not recalled correctly.

Divider Line: added option to apply global item vertical spacing to divider lines to allow more precise spacing around the lines.

Reinstated single-click activation in design view.

Fixed issue with multi-monitor setups using extended display and with differing scaling between monitors.

Fixed item status display issue in design view and design editor grids.

Resolved several issues related to vertical spacing in document.

Resolved several minor errors and exceptions.

Version - June 21, 2021

Picture Editor: Now correctly retains and recalls window position and size between sessions.

Picture Editor: Improved processing for large high-resolution images.

Answer Sheet: Improved vertical spacing between items when marks display exceeds height of numbering and question.

Resolved several minor errors and exceptions.

Version - May 1, 2021

Images: Resolved issue where some images, particularly images associated with multiple-choice items, might not save correctly.

Fixed issue where insertion of Chinese characters did not work correctly using keyboard input method.

Resolved several additional issues and exceptions.

Version - March 20, 2021

Text Editor: Resolved issue on some systems where keyboard formatting shortcuts did not work correctly.

List, List with Prompts, Matching: Resolved issue where text might not wrap correctly in Answer Sheet View when saved questions were reopened.

Resolved other reported minor issues and exceptions.

Version - August 23, 2020

Installation: Resolved issue where installs might fail on some systems if digital signature was not detected correctly on installation files.

Version - February 25, 2020

Fixed error that could occur when rapidly adding new items.

Version - February 24, 2020

Added column selection to Question Bank for candidate and queued grids.

Performance and stability improvements for randomization.

Improved text subscripting function.

Resolved several minor exceptions.

Version - February 16, 2020

Fixed version update exception.

Version - February 15, 2020

Improved randomization to prevent reported item duplication issues.

Multi-Part items can now use fractional marks (e.g. 2.5).

Added words to spell checker in one document now applied in additional open documents.

Added tooltips to document and answer sheet format options.

Marks display in title group now drops decimal when marks value is a non-decimal number (i.e. 10.0 displays as 10).

Resolved other reported minor issues and exceptions.

Version - November 27, 2019

Fixed issue where a Win32Exception (cannot determine the amount of available disk space) could occur on some sytem configurations.

Version - October 31, 2019

Updated security protocol for application version upgrade check function to match updated security protocols on website server.

Version - October 25, 2019

Tables: Fixed issue where column sizes would change unexpectedly when window size resulted in changes to vertical scroll bar visibility.

Version - October 16, 2019

Tables: Added auto-size rows function to table question type in design view.

Tables: Improved processing and persistence of size changes to columns and rows.

Version - September 19, 2019

Upgraded included items for Starter and Basic editions.

Added evaluation of Professional edition.

Fixed several minor errors.

Version - August 4, 2019

Multi-Part: Fixed issue where answer line spacing was not responding to option changes.

Multi-Part: Added Design View option to keep each part (question and answer) together in the same column and page.

Multi-Part: Improved flow of text across columns and pages in when new Keep Part Together option is not selected.

Resolved failure of application to load on some systems when scaling was being calculated.

Resolved additional issues and errors.

Version - July 15, 2019

Fixed issue where import of multiple choice questions did not correctly import references.

Resolved continuing issue where application would not run on some Windows 7 operating systems.

Version - June 6, 2019

Resolved reported issue where application might not run correctly on Windows 7 and/or 8 operating systems.

Version - May 26, 2019

Question Bank: column position and widths now correctly persisted between sessions.

Question Bank: fixed randomization when applying multiple custom selections.

Item references now ordered in ascending order in drop down lists.

Picture alignment selector in design view now uses last position selected as default.

Removed shortcut key for strike through in text editor to allow for special character usage.

Resolved issue where width of the Design Layout pane in design view was not being recalled correctly between sessions at higher screen display scales.

Resolved additional minor issues and errors.

Version - March 24, 2019

Fixed issue where randomization was occurring between multiple print jobs even when randomization was not selected.

Fixed issue where printer option selections made in printer properties before printing were having no effect on the print output.

Fixed issue where margins set in print settings were not always saved for the document.

Version - March 19, 2019

Resolved issue where the vertical spacing element was not scaling correctly on high-resolution displays.

Resolved issue where selected items for randomization were not persisting their selection after randomization was completed. This was most problematic when randomizing selected items between print jobs.

Fixed Find and Replace not searching table cells.

Fixed insertion position in Design Editor. Now correctly inserts AFTER the selected position rather than BEFORE.

Fixed several additional errors.

Version - March 8, 2019

Added option to remove question spacing when question text or picture are empty.

Added option to increment serial number after test randomization. However, best practice is to maintain serial number for test and increment version number.

Resolved issue where print manager was not always persisting the print settings.

Resolved issue in print manager where number of pages to be printed was not calculated correctly if print only odd or even pages was selected.

Fixed other minor issues and errors.

Version - March 2, 2019

Added serial number option displayed in the application status bar. Can be added to title group, header, or footer using the 'sn' tag. The serial number tag can be combined with the version tag to provide a unique number for every instance of a test document.

Added file index column to Question Bank. Questions can now be sorted, filtered, and selected using the index. File names are also accessible with mouse hover on index.

Added option for vertical spacing between question text and question elements.

Added delete item function to the matching question. Items can now be deleted from anywhere in matching list.

Fixed issue where formatted text pasted into the fill-in-the-blank text block would not allow additional text to be entered.

Fixed bug in the Design Editor where text left in the search field while running custom activation would cause looping which could hang the application.

Resolved issue in the Question Bank editor where the queued question grid might not be accessible upon open.

Fixed several additional issues and errors.

Version - January 24, 2019

Added Text Zoom to text editor.

Fixed printing issue where complex documents when randomized between print jobs could miss printing a final page or print an extra page.

Resolved several additional issues and errors.

Version - January 14, 2019

Fixed issue where font and font size could not be changed for selected text in text editing mode.

Version - January 12, 2019

Added maximize window option to Design Edit and Question Bank.

Minimum row height for table items reduced to 25.

Text underlining now works correctly.

Fixed minimum column widths to work correctly at all display scaling values.

Fixed text subscript and superscript functions in text editor.

Fixed several additional issues and errors.

Version - December 6, 2018

Added additional options for Fill-in-the-Blanks word bank: font, color, columns.

Added text color option to text editor.

Added leader option for hidden text. Can now remove asterisk leader or add your own.

Increased word limit for multi-part questions. Can now use up to approximately 2000 words.

Added alternate text processing for Arabic, Urdu, and other languages.

Fixed issue in Fill-in-the-Blanks where word selection was not working correctly when apostrophe characters are used as quotations.

Fixed issue where changed or removed references in Design Edit were not being correctly transfered when added to test.

Fixed several additional issues and errors.

Version - November 19, 2018

Improved performance for display of templates and recent documents on initial access of the File tab.

Added usage information for Begin Group item and Import wizard.

Reestablished undo and redo buttons on Design View ribbon which were inadvertently lost in last maintenance.

Resolved issue where user additions to the spelling dictionary were not being retained between sessions.

Fixed zoom error that would occur when page width exceeded maximum zoom.

Resolved error that could occur during randomization.

Resolved several additional issues and errors.

Version - November 10, 2018

Pinned summary row in Design Editor to the top of the grid so it is alway in view.

Fixed multiple choice questions not staying together in column layout even when Keep Together is selected.

If Design Editor is in sort mode user is now given the option to apply the data as sorted.

Fixed renumbering function in Design Editor.

Added access to application options on all ribbon tabs.

Fixed several additional issues and errors.

Version - November 2, 2018

Fixed printing issue where printed output did not match the screen output on systems with scaled resolutions.

Version - October 31, 2018

Added auto references option to application options. Auto selection of previously used references when adding new items can now be turned off.

Fixed loss of access to edited images after applying images to test and returning to picture editor.

Added function to remove trailing line returns and tabs from text.

Fixed error in Design Editor when applying undo function after removal of items.

Resolved several additional issues and errors.

Version - October 28, 2018

Official release.

Improved horizontal formatting of multiple-choice questions.

Resolved issue applying global font changes correctly to text with style elements.

Improved image processing. Now retains original image for additional adjustments while application is open.

Improved memory usage reporting. Now reflects memory used as percentage of available memory on local system.

Improved reference management.

Hide answers and lines option added for multi-part questions.

Print manager now available from tool ribbon button in document, answer sheet, and solution views.

Tool ribbon can now be minimized either from quick access menu or by double-lick on any ribbon tab.

Fixed additional exceptions and errors.

Version - September 27, 2018

Added support for right-to-left languages.

Added support for languages with combining and nonspacing characters.

Added print buttons to document, answer sheet, and solution view ribbon bars.

Fixed error that occurred in some situations when changing option colors.

Resolved several additional errors and exceptions.

Version - September 6, 2018

Added hanging indent which was available in version 4 but missing in version 5.

Fixed error that could occur when deleting questions.

Added new Fog theme.

Fixed error that could occur when changing global font size.

Resolved several additional errors and exceptions.

Version - September 2, 2018

Initial preview release.