Schoolhouse Test 6 Release Notes

Version - May 28, 2022

Made adjustments to vertical positioning calculations to reduce any scaling differences between on-screen display and print output,

Tables: added justified text alignment to edit options.

Multiple Choice: enhanced button clarity for choice settings.

Fill-in-the-Blanks: fixed issue where local instance option for line length was not persisted.

Resolved several additional minor issues.

Version - May 22, 2022

Resolved several minor errors.

Version - May 17, 2022

Special Characters: in resolving a connected issue special characters were no longer persisting from design view to document. This issue now fixed.

Version - May 14, 2022

Added updated French sample test.

Version - May 14, 2022

Official release.

Version - May 13, 2022

Fixed issue with numbered lists where indent between number and text was reduced at higher scaling values.

Version - May 11, 2022

Resolved issue where group sub-numbering introductions did not appear in the Solution view.

Version - May 10, 2022

Fixed error that would occur when opening multiple application windows.

Version - May 9, 2022

Checklist: added options in Layout to change font and color of checkmarks. Currently for use with Checklist questions.

Fill-in-the-Blanks: fixed issue where initial selection of multiple words did not work.

Templates: fixed issue where templates created in version 6 would not open when selected.

Printing: improved the responsiveness of the print dialog.

Resolved several additional errors and exceptions.

Version - April 26, 2022

ZipGrade: fixed issue where inner focus markers were lost when the number of questions dropped below a critical limit.

QTI Export: decimal marks values are now exported as a universal invariant so that a dot is used as the decimal marker.

Version - April 23, 2022

Text Editor: fixed keyboard shortcut for pasting unformatted text.

Text: resolved issue where URLs were formatted by default.

Tables: fixed bug where bullets in bulleted text were lost in the document view.

Default Folder Paths: all default folder paths are now editable.

Fill-in-the-Blanks: faster text entry with Update button.

Resolved several other issues.

Version - April 22, 2022

Resolved several issues related to text and fonts.

Fill-in-the-Blanks: fixed issue where only the first of multiple paragraphs was displayed.

Resolved several issues related to vertical spacing.

Resolved issue where sub-numbering could get out of sync when some groups or items were inactive.

Version - April 20, 2022

Question Bank: can now easily preview item text with added view button.

Notes: line returns can now be used in note text.

Text and Fonts: fixed issue where some fonts (e.g., Segoe Print) would cause an overlap of following text.

Version - April 15, 2022

Resolved some issues relating to display and persistence of emdashes and other special characters.

Added left and right harpoon characters to symbols collection.

Added randomize button to Fill-in-the-Blanks word bank.

Version - April 11, 2022

Fixed issue where images assigned to the answers were displaying on the answer sheet even when key was off.

Fixed bug where no answer line was displayed when there was no answer text even if the Auto Lines option was turned on. Now, if Auto Lines is on, at least one line will display.

Multi-Part: added Auto Lines option. Now same as Short and Long answer questions.

Resolved several additional bugs and errors.

Version - April 8, 2022

Tables: Removed persisted scroll bars in favor of increased default cell height.

Resolved several minor bugs and exceptions.

Version - April 6, 2022

Tables: Handling text height now easier with persisted scroll bars.

Text Boxes: Adjusted text box focus border so that text remains stable when gaining and losing focus.

Design View: Moving items now a smoother process with minimal screen refresh and grid movement.

Multi-Part: Answer lines function are now exactly the same as short and long answer. No text - no line. If lines are needed use extra lines option.

Fixed additional bugs and errors in text processing and spacing.

Version - March 29, 2022

Fixed bug where notes did not show for short and long answer questions and begin group item in the solution.

Group introduction added to Global Fonts.

Fill-in-the-Blanks: Changed cursor start position so that the question text box is selected when added as new item.

Selection Question: fixed bug where canceling selection input left selected word colored red.

Version - March 26, 2022

Special characters now displaying correctly in document including dashes, non-breaking spaces, and non-breaking hyphens.

Fill-in-the-Blanks Question: Added answer line length option to Instance Options.

Version - March 25, 2022

Answer Sheet: fixed bug where column separation line was retained even when only column.

Fill-in-the-Blanks and Selection Questions: fixed bug where last character of a word was not selected and removed when double-clicked word appeared last in text with no following punctuation.

Fill-in-the-Blanks and Selection Questions: double-clicking numbers will now remove number.

Table Question: cell answer toggles now appear and work correctly.

Long and Short Answer Questions: extra answer line selection once again positioned below answer text box.

Version - March 23, 2022

Long and Short Answer Questions: increased maximum number of extra lines to 100 and 20 respectively.

Sub-Numbering: fixed issue where sub-numbering count was off when using sub-numbering introductions.

Version - March 21, 2022

Question Bank: fixed bug where marks and other items would be lost when importing from multiple files where file data would be cleared before opening additional files.

Fill-in-the-Blanks Question: fixed bug where background processing was visible in the textbox.

Version - March 19, 2022

Numbered Lists: added dropdown list of styles with separate shorcuts. Reduced style options to six. Lists now display correctly in document.

Special Characters: em dashes and en dashes now work in fill-in-the-blank and selection questions.

Picture Padding: fixed issue where picture padding was having no discernible effect. Updated option to cover padding between picture and text.

Version - March 14, 2022

Selection Question: resolved issue where clicking OK button was updating alternate selections even if they did not require updating and resetting to default order.

Multi-Match Question: fixed bug where shortcut (Control plus Up or Down arrows) did not navigate the textboxes in the correct order.

Version - March 13, 2022

Design Edit: fixed issue where sub numbering was not displaying.

Question Bank: sub numbering now displays if present in the data being imported.

Version - March 12, 2022

Selection Question: fixed issue where shortcut Ctrl+H was generating backspace events in text boxes.

Selection Question: OK button now updates question with text changes.

Text: em dash and en dash now displaying correctly. Also, non breaking space now working correctly.

Text: inserting em dash and other special characters now overwrites current selection.

Show Me: now correct show me for selection question.

Version - March 11, 2022

Fixed issue with vertical spacing in title group where print product did not match screen display.

Also fixed a minor issue with horizontal text display.

Version - March 8, 2022

Fixed issues occurring in group and sub-numbering.

Version - March 6, 2022

Selection Question: fixed error that would occur when varying font faces were used in the text.

Selection Question: fixed error that would occur if the selection began at the beginning of the text.

Version - March 5, 2022

Added keyboard shortcut for Save As (Ctrl+Shift+S).

Title Group - Picture: added option for bottom padding.

Multi-Match: fixed issue where text editor was not connecting with correct text box.

Text Editor: changed keyboard shortcut to Alt+T. Now also advertised in text editor button screentip.

Added popup info to title group, header, and footer dialogs explaining custom configurations.

Fixed issue where marks were not correctly right-aligning.

Version - March 4, 2022

Early preview release.