Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 6 Release Notes

Version - Jul 10, 2023

Improved installation performance to reduce possibility of application install failure.

Increased accessible memory available to the application.

Resolved reported errors and exceptions.

Version - Feb 10, 2023

Fixed copy and paste issue for Word Search and Word Maze activities.

Improved randomization of words in word list activities.

Resolved several additional errors and exceptions.

Version - Nov 29, 2022

Multiple Choice: resolved issue where 'A.' is never the correct answer.

Version - Oct 24, 2022

Magic Squares: resolved issue where opening saved documents that contained magic squares could cause an error.

Version - Aug 3, 2022

Magic Squares: restructured the magic squares and added options to increase difficulty.

Study Sheet: added option to set maximum width of word to allow wrapping of words and clues.

Word Maze: added option to set color of start bubble.

Cyptogram: improved randomization of decoder so that encrypted letter can never be itself.

Fixed several additional issues and errors.

Version - Jul 26, 2020

Fixed screen display after update to Windows 10 caused flickering of application window when resizing.

Fixed exception that could occur when checking for version update.

Version - Sep 10, 2019

Multiple-Choice: fixed argument out of range exception in multiple-choice activity.

Resolved several additional exceptions.

Version - Jan 11, 2019

Fixed loss of word banks in some sentence and text activities after previous addition of distractor words option in word list activities.

Added removal of fancy quotation marks to Punctuation activity.

Fixed text color option. Now works correctly.

Improved randomization of choices in Multiple Choice activity.

Fixed several additional issues and errors.

Version - Dec 23, 2018

Added prompt color and line width options for Punctuation activity.

Can now include up to six words per question in Alphabetical II.

Added distractor words option to word list word banks.

Added Allow Color Override option to Text Design element

Fixed several errors and exceptions.

Version - Feb 5, 2018

Word Search: Hide Vowels option in Appearance - RTL Language Support which should be off by default was actually on. Fixed.

Version - Jan 15, 2018

Splash Screen: Would in some cases remain open rather than close after application opens. Fixed.

Crossword: Fixed occasional issue of clues not correctly matching words.

Crossword: Fixed issue in some situations of crossword grid extending over page footer.

Multiple Choice: Improved randomization of word choices.

Decoding: Added correct reversal of codes and key for right-to-left languages.

Hidden Letters: Added correct reversal of letters for right-to-left languages.

Word Links: Fixed incorrect link alignment for right-to-left languages.

Bad Word Filter: Fixed active filter option not saving correctly.

Missing Letters: Fixed incorrectly counting spaces as letters.

Fixed several additional errors and exceptions.

Version - Sep 9, 2017

Word Links: Fixed dropping of last letter in right column link in some situations.

Import Word List: Fixed switching of tag data on import (tag 1 data was being imported to tag 2, tag 2 data to tag 1.

Spelling Challenge: Fixed correct answer as always B when only two choices were selected.

RTL: Fixed hiding vowels for RTL Hebrew not working correctly in grid based word list activities.

Version - Jul 8, 2017

Fixed design item text block not saving correctly in document.

Fixed file name tag in header, footer, and title group not being recalled with saved document.

Cryptogram: Fixed truncated line over last letter in words when individual words are used in place of full text.

Resolved error that could occur when attempting to open a document that is incompatible with Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 6.

Version - Jul 3, 2017

Resolved issue with processing new bad words added in bad word editor.

Resolved missing initial default text for word cloud.

Version - Jun 30, 2017

Word Cloud: Fixed word cloud display for situations when all words only appear once in text.

Word Cloud: Fixed incorrect recall of selected text when text file is not available.

Version - Jun 25, 2017

Word Lists: Improved performance for large word lists. Can now handle word lists with up to 25,000 items.

Resolved several minor issues.

Version - Jun 10, 2017

Study Sheet: Added option to alphabetize word list.

Crossword: Added option to force first word to always be an across word.

Alphabetical Order II: Alpabetical order is now indicated for all words and not just the first word.

Secret Trails: Fixed issue with answers not shown.

Printing: Fixed issue where last printer in printer collection did not appear in list of available printers.

Crossword: Resolved issue where across and down clues were occasionally the same.

Custom Questions: Fixed issue where question images were not being saved correctly.

Missing Words: Changed oblique to space following item number.

Resolved several additional errors and exceptions.

Version - Mar 1, 2017

Recent Documents: Fixed "path is not of legal form" error that could occur if the path to documents was not valid.

Version - Feb 28, 2017

Word Lists: Fixed error that could occur if one or more word fields were blank in a word list.

Spelling: Fixed error that could occur when running a spell check on a word list where no text grid cell was currently selected.

Version - Feb 20, 2017

Epigraphs: Random selection now selects row as well as epigraph text.

Resolved several minor issues.

Version - Feb 19, 2017

Thesaurus: Resolved issue where opening thesaurus in text editor would result in an error when cursor was positioned at beginning of text and first character was space or punctuation.

Version - Feb 17, 2017

Release of new version. New activities, new options and enhancements for existing activities, enhanced document layout and design, improved dialogs for working with word lists, sentences, and text, and much more