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Deliver an individualized educational program with printable worksheets, activities, and tests for a wide range of student levels and abilities.

Create printable tests to evaluate learning in any subject area with fourteen question types:

  • multiple-choice
  • fill-in-the-blanks
  • matching
  • checklist
  • short answer
  • list
  • diagram
  • order
  • true/false
  • table
  • multi-part
  • and more . . .

I must start by expressing my sincere appreciation for the fantastic program! I have been using the Schoolhouse Test program for all my school tests since March 2010 and am very impressed! It has certainly made setting up the dreaded tests and exam papers a breeze! I now look forward to setting up tests.

Generate printable math worksheets to provide targeted practice in:

  • number operations
  • number concepts
  • algebra
  • geometry
  • fractions
  • numeration
  • time
  • money
  • math puzzles
  • measurement
  • table and drills
  • coordinates
  • consumer math
  • and more . . .

Your program [Math Resource Studio] is a perfect addition for my classroom. My school is in the process of buying the program for the entire school. The math program works well for IEPs [Individualized Education Plans] because I can create and make specific math worksheets for individual students based on their assessed needs.

Make challenging and motivating vocabulary worksheets in seconds with more than forty unique worksheet activity generators:

  • crosswords
  • word searches
  • decoding
  • word jumbles
  • cloze tests
  • punctuation
  • cryptograms
  • word mazes
  • magic squares
  • spelling
  • letter patterns
  • and more . . .

I have been using the Vocabulary Worksheet Factory puzzles to teach math vocabulary and spelling. They are a big hit with the kids. Spelling and word recognition has improved. I assign them as homework and they return them completed dying to check the answer keys. I have left them as review work when a substitute teacher has been needed. I use them as a warm up exercise on Monday mornings...Keep up the good work.

Generate bingo games to enhance and motivate learning in any subject area in which your students will welcome a change of pace:

  • classic bingo
  • number operations
  • metric measures
  • roman numerals
  • expanded notation
  • rounding numbers
  • states & capitals
  • countries & capitals
  • periodic table
  • telling time
  • Roman numerals
  • and more . . .

Using the Bingo program for vocabulary review is great! My students have fun, and almost seem surprised when the result is an increased vocabulary. They didn't study. They just play, and feel like they become bilingual 'by accident'.

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