Printable worksheets, activities, and tests for the differentiated classroom

Resource creation software for the differentiated classroom from Schoolhouse Technologies saves you the time to do what you do best: teach! Quickly and easily create printable worksheets, activities, and tests for a wide range of student levels and abilities. Deliver an effective individualized educational experience and have more time for teaching.

"Your products are wonderful, and I will recommend them to my colleagues! I only wish that I would have had them 32 years ago when I began teaching!" - Cal R., St. Louis, Missouri   (More reviews...)

Schoolhouse Test

Creating and printing a quiz, test, or exam, has never been easier. Design custom tests to evaluate learning in any subject area using up to thirteen different question types: multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, matching, short answer, list, list with prompts, diagram, order, true/false, essay, checklist, statements, and table.

Math Resource Studio

Math Resource Studio is the teaching tool you need to create virtually unlimited, professional-quality, printable math worksheets and reviews. Generate math worksheet activities to provide practice in: number operations, number concepts, algebra, geometry, fractions, numeration, time, money, math puzzles, ratio and percent, measurement, and more.

Vocabulary Worksheet Factory

Build and reinforce the vocabulary skills of your students with challenging and motivating worksheet activities you make in minutes. Select from 44 unique worksheet activities including word shapes, crosswords, word searches, decoding and matching activities, word jumbles, cloze and punctuation exercises, alphabetical order, cryptograms, and more.

Schoolhouse Bingo

Provide your students with a learning experience that is both enjoyable and effective. Quickly generate bingo games to enhance learning in mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, and just about any subject area in which your students will welcome a change of pace.

"Schoolhouse Technologies is a wonderful company with well-designed programs that are useful for teachers, parents, homeschoolers, and anyone who works with children or teens. In fact, there is no real age limit in their application. What adult doesn't enjoy a good crossword puzzle?! I have used both the Vocabulary Worksheet Factory and the Math Resource Studio. Both are awesome. As a wonderful bonus, their customer support is amazing! I recommend this company and their products highly!!" - Irene R., Oklahoma, USA    (More reviews...)

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