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Creating and printing a paper-and-pencil test, quiz, or exam, has never been easier. Schoolhouse Test makes a time-consuming chore a whole lot easier and the result considerably more professional. Some of our customers have even hinted that creating tests with Schoolhouse Test can actually be an enjoyable process. If you're looking for a professional test generator that makes quick work out of creating paper-and-pencil tests, quizzes, and exams then Schoolhouse Test is the program for you.

Schoolhouse Test is a surprisingly easy to use and very intuitive test maker. It incorporates three views or work areas depending on the current task. You use the design view to construct your test or quiz, the document view to format the test and see exactly what it will look like when printed, and the answer sheet view to format the answer sheet and see what it will look like when printed.

"I must start by expressing my sincere appreciation for the fantastic program! I have been using the Schoolhouse Test program for all my school tests since March 2010 and am very impressed! It has certainly made setting up the dreaded tests and exam papers a breeze! I now look forward to setting up tests." - Colette A., Benoni, South Africa    (More reviews...)

Free Multiple-Choice Test Maker

Download the free Multiple Choice edition of Schoolhouse Test 5 and not only get an outstanding multiple-choice test maker but also evaluations of all the question types found in the Starter, Basic, and Professional editions. Please note that the evaluation questions are limited by obscured print output.

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Assess Learning with 14 Question Types

With Schoolhouse Test you can design custom tests and quizzes to evaluate learning in any subject area using 14 versatile question types:

  • multiple-choice
  • fill-in-the-blanks
  • matching
  • short answer
  • list
  • checklist
  • table
  • multi-part
  • list with prompts
  • order
  • true/false
  • essay
  • diagram
  • statements
Schoolhouse Test Document

Using a variety of question types in your tests and quizzes will make the evaluation more interesting and challenging for your students. It can also make it easier to assess learning for material that does not conform to just the multiple-choice question type.

Schoolhouse Test Version 5

And now version 5 takes test creation to the next level. Schoolhouse Test 5 brings high resolution display, multi-part questions, expanded references, an enhanced print manager, grouping, a solution view, and a whole lot more. Check out what's new in Schoolhouse Test 5.

Introduction to Schoolhouse Test

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"The program [Schoolhouse Test] makes very clean, professional looking tests. I have taken mine and had them (both pre-course & post-course tests) laminated and placed in a spiral-bound booklet for continued use. The addition of pictures and different question formats add to the test and allow for different learning styles. You have been quick to respond to all questions and 'Schoolhouse Test' is a very easy to use program that allows for quick copy/paste fill-in and is in an easy-to-use format. The results might possibly be duplicated by other programs, but the time and effort would be considerably more." - John C., Phoenix, Arizona, USA    (More reviews...)

Multiple Choice

Schoolhouse Test makes the creation and organization of multiple-choice questions amazingly easy. Design questions with up to 26 choices. Each choice can include a picture, can be deactivated when not required for a particular test, and can be locked against any randomization. Choices can be added or removed by simply pressing the plus or minus buttons. Randomizing the choices is simply a matter of pressing the randomize button. The question can be structured in up to six columns and ordered by column or row. Choice numbering can be alternated between odd and even questions (ABCD, EFGH). Other options include the customization of the appearance of the choice bubbles including sizing, coloring, and font.

Multiple Choice


With the checklist you can deploy a question that requires the selection of a correct set of items from a list of correct and incorrect items. Enter your list of items and simply check the correct items. As with all list type questions, items can be added or removed by pressing the plus or minus buttons. The list can be randomized and a picture can be added. Items can be organized in up to six columns and ordered by row or by column.

Multiple Choice


Creating fill-in-the-blanks questions can be a time-consuming chore. But with Schoolhouse Test it's a snap. Type or paste in a block of text and then simply double-click any word to remove it, add it to the list of removed words, and number the blank. Or, if you want to remove a phrase or part of a word, just highlight it and press the Select button. What could be easier? Lots of options are available for customizing the numbering of the blanks including numbering style (lowercase, uppercase, numeric) numbering decoration (parentheses, hyphens, brackets, or none). And, if desired, the removed words can be displayed in a word bank.



When you want students to provide a list of names, places, events, or other data, the List is your go to question type. Lists in Schoolhouse Test can have up to 26 items, accompanied by a picture, organized in up to six columns, and ordered by row or by column.


List With Prompts

The List With Prompts question type takes the list type question to the next level. The addition of prompts makes for a very flexible assessment element for any test. Select to display the prompts before or after the answers. Options also include layout in up to four columns, and ordering by column or by row.

List with Prompts


With this question type you can provide students with a list of items to put in the correct order. Simply enter up to 26 items in the correct order and then press the Randomize button which automatically scrambles the list. For the test, students enter the order number beside each item. Additionally, a picture can be added for each item.



The Matching question type provides two lists of items to be matched up. Enter up to 26 matching pairs and then click the randomize button to scramble the list. Students match each item in the numbered list on the left with the letter of the correct matching item on the right. A picture can be assigned to each item. And options include multi-column layout and ordering by column or row.



A question type that requires students to indicate which statements in a list of statements are true and which are false. Sort of like a super true/false question. The statements can be randomized and a picture added. Adding additional items (up to 26) is just a matter of pressing the plus button. And pressing the minus button removes them. Items can be laid out in up to four columns and organized by column or by row. The header text can easily be changed from the default 'T' and 'F'.



Easily create flexible Table questions with answers set by column, row, or cells. Enter your table data and then click the check mark on each cell that you want to make an answer. Or use the column/row editor to make all the cells answers in an entire row or column. Column and row dimensions can be set in the column/row editor, by dragging column and row lines with your mouse, or by using the handy auto-size functions. Options include numbering for answers, and row and column background colors.

Table (Question)

Short Answer

Short Answer provides a quick way to add questions that require written answers of a few words to a paragraph or two. A picture can be attached for both the question and the answer. Extra answer lines can be provided and the spacing between the lines can be adjusted.

Short Answer

Long Answer (Essay)

Long Answer or Essay questions can be used when longer answers are required than can be covered by the Short Answer questions. A picture can be attached for both the question and the answer. Extra answer lines can be provided and the spacing between the lines can be adjusted. The answer lines can also be removed from the test document if students will be provided with alternate writing materials for essay questions.

Long Answer

True False

The simple True False question can be a useful addition to any test. Options are available to change the true/false text, the appearance of the buttons, and the layout of the buttons: horizontal or vertical.

True False


Use the Diagram question when you need to have students label, complete, or draw a diagram. Add the diagram image and the diagram key and optionally add a border if no image will be supplied.



New for version 5 the multi-part question steps in when a single overall question or topic with multiple parts is the best fit for your test requirements. Marks can even be assigned for each individual part. Additional parts can be added (up to 26) by simply pressing the plus button. Pressing the minus button removes them. And, as with the short and long answer questions, extra answer lines can be added to make additional writing space for the answers.


Quiz Maker

You need a quick quiz for your science class. Schoolhouse Test can get the job done in minutes. Not only will you have a quiz ready for your next class but you'll have a quiz that can be easily randomized and given again in a week's time as a follow-up quiz. Or, using the built-in Question Bank (Pro editions), you can easily combine the questions from this quiz with questions from other quizzes for an end-of-unit test or an end-of-term exam.

Test Maker

It's the end of your geography unit and you need to evaluate your students' learning with a nice test that includes some multiple-choice questions, a few short answer questions, maybe a matching question, and finally an essay question. Schoolhouse Test comes to the rescue again. You can design your test from scratch which is not as bad as it sounds if you're using Schoolhouse Test. In fact you'll be surprised at just how easy it is. Or, if you have been using quizzes to periodically check that your learning objectives are being met, you can simply use the Question Bank (Pro editions) to select and combine questions from the existing quizzes to make your test. Likewise, if you need an end-of-term or end-of-year exam, you can use the questions in your existing tests and quizzes to design your exam.

Exam Maker

Now it's exam time and you need an exam to administer. Well, once again, Schoolhouse Test reduces even that monumental undertaking to a manageable task. Even if you're writing your exam questions for the first time it will go a lot faster than you expect it to. Even tricky-to-write question types like matching, order, and tables are surprisingly easy to produce. And if you have quizzes and tests that you have been using throughout the year to assess learning, you can use the Question Bank (Pro editions) to construct your exam from your existing questions.

"Your products are fantastic; slowly but surely the peers in my building are buying your programs. Yesterday we had a staff meeting and I shared your Test writing program [Schoolhouse Test] with other teachers. Washington State's WASL, the state test, is written exactly like your program. For years we have struggled to make templates to fit the test. I shared your program, and there was even discussion of purchasing a site license. Please keep working, love the new games on the vocabulary program." - Karen C., Washington State, USA    (More reviews...)

Save Time and Money

One of the more popular features of Schoolhouse Test is the answer sheet. You can automatically create an answer sheet for students to record their answers on and save the actual quiz or test document for future use. Saves paper and photocopier costs. The answer sheet also makes for easy marking. Simply place a student answer sheet on top of the answer key on a lighted surface (such as an overhead projector) and you can score an entire test in seconds.

One of the top time-saving features in the design view is the option to activate and deactivate questions. You can, for example, design a master test or quiz with 100 questions but only use selected questions at a given time, turning them on and off as the situation demands.

Another time-saving feature in the design view is the randomize function. You can, with a just a couple of mouse clicks, randomize all the selected questions in the quiz or test so that they are in a different order. You can even randomize elements within questions. So you can generate many different tests using the same question set.

This program [Schoolhouse Test] is FANTASTIC! I have already shown it to so many other teachers. I am going to take it to my old school principal and get her to purchase it for the school. I wish I had this program back when I was a classroom teacher! It would have made my life so much easier. It is so user friendly, and can be used for more than test & quizzes. I have used it to make review sheets and other kinds of worksheets for my daughter. It is an amazing resource! - Tracy E., North Charleston, South Carolina, USA   (More reviews...)

Features to Ease the Quiz-Making, Test-Making Pain:

Document View Create tests, quizzes, and exams with hundreds of questions.

Document View Activate and deactivate test items with just a click of a checkbox.

Document View Assign and display marks for each question in your quiz.

Document View Auto reminder to back up your work - an invaluable feature if your computer is prone to power outages.

Document View Select alternate lettering for multiple choice answers to meet formatting standards set by some USA state education authorities.

Document View Customize questions and answers using superscript, subscript, bold, italic and underline for words, phrases or whole blocks of text.

Document View Set custom font styles for the entire quiz or test from the Global Fonts dialog.

Document View Ribbon navigation brings the most used features out in the open making them easy to access, and eliminating the need for drop down menus that hide features and are sometimes difficult to work with.

Document View Add a picture or logo image to the Title Group (first page header) for both the test document and the answer sheet.

Document View Assign a Level and a Category to each question and then use those filters to select questions for your quizzes and tests.

Document View Use the Diagram question type to provide an image to be labeled, or to create a space on the test or answer sheet for diagrams to be drawn.

Document View The Fill-in-the-Blanks question provides a way to select parts of a words, a phrase, or entire sentences. Double-click a word to remove it from the text or click the Select button.

Document View Use pictures for answer choices for Multiple Choice, Matching, and Order questions. Or use a combination of text and picture for answers.

Document View Add a page break and opt to allow a question and its answer to be separated over multiple pages if necessary (uncheck Keep Together for a question to have it span more than one page).

Document View A standard Find and Replace to locate questions with particular terms faster, and replace words or phrases throughout the quiz or test easily.

Document View Copy and paste math equations from Microsoft Word or MathType as resizable pictures.

Document View Make any question a sample question by setting marks value to 0. The sample question will not be assigned a question number.

Document View A design editor that allows for multiple fill up and fill down edits to marks, level, category, and activation.

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