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Generate printable math worksheets and activities

Provide students with the precise math skills development they need as part of a differentiated numeracy program. Generate individual or class sets of math worksheets to cover essential practice in basic facts, number operations, algebra, fractions, measurement, geometry, consumer math, and more.

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Target learning needs and motivate students

Math Resource Studio makes it easy to create differentiated math worksheets to target the learning needs of all of your students. Generate worksheets with the exact practice required to advance skills to the next level and provide that motivating match between learning activity and learning need.

Math Worksheets

New original questions generated in a flash

Generating math practice worksheets with Math Resource Studio is as simple as selecting the types of questions you want, setting a few options, and clicking the generate button to create a completely original math worksheet.

Math Worksheets

Unlimited math worksheets

A total of more than 140 math activity generators in all. And with the many optional settings for each activity, there are literally hundreds of activity configurations that can be generated with a single click creating limitless unique math worksheets.

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Save time and money

Never spend valuable and scarce hours preparing math worksheets again. The exact differentiated math worksheet activity you require for tomorrow's lesson will be only seconds away.

Save your limited resource funds for more important purchases than constant expenditures for single-use, inflexible workbooks and other materials that never quite do what you need them to do.

New in Version 7

New in version 7

Along with a refreshed user interface, twenty-two new exercise sets have been added to the program for version 7 along with many new options, features, and improvements.

Take a closer look

Delve into the nuts and bolts of Math Resource Studio with these short video introductions:

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Outstanding Support

One thing our customers agree on is that our support is exceptional. We are always there to help with any issues you may encounter.

I have used this product [Math Resource Studio] my whole teaching career – for the last 17 years – and have recommended it to parents and other teachers, to the extent that it was installed in my last school. Last summer, I moved schools and, knowing that my new school didn’t have it, thought I would just print off the necessary worksheets from home and bring them in for my students. Well, that is NOT working! I had no idea how often I just printed off a quick worksheet for fast finishers, or changed a worksheet to challenge learners and I have missed having it in the school. I decided to investigate further, and think that your upgraded product is incredible. I showed it to my colleague and she also was amazed by it’s versatility and the comprehensiveness of the range of activities.

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