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What our customers are saying

Here is a collection of reviews we have received from instructors, teachers, home-schoolers, and parents who have used one or more Schoolhouse Technologies programs and found them helpful in their educational endeavors.

If you have a review or comment regarding one of our programs, our support service, or company in general that you are willing to share with others, please write to We would love to hear from you!

While I'm typing, you should know that I first started using Schoolhouse Technologies about 20 years ago to help my children (I was a "stay-at-home" mom). When I became a teacher, I bought the program for my own use in my classroom [Math Resource Studio]. Once I had a few years under my belt, I asked our principal if we could have it school-wide. In all these years, your company has provided outstanding customer service, and I really appreciate it!!

Lynn C.
Sixth-Grade Teacher
Boise, Idaho

I usually don't write much for reviews, but this has got be the exception. I started writing some of the tests I'll be using for my newest crop of apprentices. Because I'm a pretty demanding instructor, the apprentices look for every little thing they can that is less than perfect. I was routinely harassed about the quality of the tests I was printing through the Pearson Test-Gen software, in a word they were pretty pedestrian. Generally just terrible in print. The old software was terrible in the way it handled graphics, too many or too large and it would crash the internal database and then the application would not recognize the test. In essence it would be gone. The worst part was how cumbersome it is to use, and you could not bank the questions I wrote so if I wanted to reuse them in another test, quiz or section final, they had to be written all over again. Just a pain.

Schoolhouse Test 5 on the other hand makes life so much easier. I have only a few clicks to complete a test question, all is on one screen instead of little windows popping up on a different monitor (I use 3 monitor's because of other things I do as well.) It handles graphics like a pro, the printed tests look professional, AND I can use our company logo to make things a bit more personalized for the company. I'm just getting the hang of the entire system, but the learning curve isn't too steep and making modifications is easy. I really like the options for the different question types, I had only four with Test-Gen, which is giving me ideas for additional ways to measure how well I'm doing in getting the information across that I have to teach. I do have a bit to learn about some of the terminology you use but if that's the worst of it, I'm doing fine. Thanks for putting out a great application that works. The best software purchase I've made in a long time!

Lavern Burk
Technical Training and Safety Manager
George Brazil Plumbing and Electric
I have been teaching foreign languages to adults mostly, and a little bit to kids, for about 24 years.

I love every piece of software I have purchased from Schoolhouse Tech! I use your products every day. They make my lesson preparation much easier, and make my lessons more fun and effective.

Keith Swayne, Director

Five Arrows Language Classes
604-781-2000 (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
250-554-4422 (Kamloops, BC, Canada)

Twitter: @keithswayne
I have used this product [Math Resource Studio] my whole teaching career – for the last 17 years – and have recommended it to parents and other teachers, to the extent that it was installed in my last school. Last summer, I moved schools and, knowing that my new school didn’t have it, thought I would just print off the necessary worksheets from home and bring them in for my students. Well, that is NOT working! I had no idea how often I just printed off a quick worksheet for fast finishers, or changed a worksheet to challenge learners and I have missed having it in the school. I decided to investigate further, and think that your upgraded product is incredible. I showed it to my colleague and she also was amazed by it’s versatility and the comprehensiveness of the range of activities.

Yours gratefully,

Margaret Clark
Dundee, UK
Schoolhouse Technologies is a wonderful company with well-designed programs that are useful for teachers, parents, home-schoolers, and anyone who works with children or teens. In fact, there is no real age limit in their application. What adult doesn't enjoy a good crossword puzzle?! I have used both the Vocabulary Worksheet Factory and the Math Resource Studio. Both are awesome. As a wonderful bonus, their customer support is amazing! Bonnie has helped me so many times to troubleshoot issues as I recently began to design items with a seller's license. She is prompt, clear, and precise in handling questions. She has bent over backwards to get answers if something isn't obvious or to make something clear. Customer support is clearly a high priority to Schoolhouse Technologies. I recommend this company and their products highly!!

Irene R.
Oklahoma, USA
I am enjoying using the Schoolhouse Test program. I did have a glitch, but I think it is a memory glitch as I don't remember if I updated both the program on my home computer and my office computer at school. I have recommended and will continue to recommend the Schoolhouse Test program. It is the best of the test generating programs and it allows me to be independent of textbook ancillary test programs. Thank you for contacting me to see how things are going and for the hard work your company puts into its product.

Daniel B.
Physics Instructor
Greenville, NC USA
You are marvellous!!! I can't thank you enough for all the assistance and guidance you have shown and given me. I really appreciate it. My daughter is really struggling with Maths and this program is exactly what she can understand. I've spent a fortune on Math Books and your program has saved Holly (and me!). Many, many thanks.

Michelle T.
Lara, Australia
I cannot tell you how wonderful this Math Resource Studio 5 is. Thank you.

Beverley W.
Orpington, Kent, Great Britain
I have just spent the last few hours going through the program [Math Resource Studio 5] in more detail. I may be missing some things, but I am having absolutely no issues with the program. It is doing exactly what I am wanting it to do. I am really impressed with the changes that have been made to the program. Good work to you and all of your people.

Anthony S.
Oakbank, Manitoba, Canada
Thank you for the positively magnificent customer service and for keeping no-longer-offered software available. So many companies would have cut us Map WF users off at the knees, but Schoolhouse Technologies still makes those things available with no stress to us. That is service!

Kim K.
Ohio, USA
Using Vocabulary Worksheet Factory I have made booklets at three levels. When I went to a school last week, they had some students with significant special education needs. Some students had an intellectual disability while others just had severe reading disabilities. So I designed adjusted versions of the booklet with accommodations; these had only 6 words, and lots of support. The BEST thing was that the students were able to complete these, and were smiling, instead of crying, about their work!!

Gail B.
Sydney, Australia
I must start by expressing my sincere appreciation for the fantastic program! I have been using the Schoolhouse Test program for all my school tests since March 2010 and am very impressed! It has certainly made setting up the dreaded tests and exam papers a breeze! I now look forward to setting up tests.

Colette A.
Benoni, South Africa
Your software will save man-centuries/woman-centuries/people-centuries of work for busy teachers! It is really great!! The lay-out of tests and exercises is truly professional and neat. Well done!

John M
Professor of English
Paris, France
Well, my hours of sitting at the computer every weekend have just been halved, even quartered. Thank-you so much for this remarkable site! I have already sent links to my colleagues who are also sitting at home making worksheets. Today I did a little "tutorial" on the whiteboard for my colleagues to demonstrate my new discovery. Everyone is delighted. You can be sure they will also be downloading and using all three programmes.

Peggy G
Specialist College
I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the new format to Vocabulary Worksheet Factory. Not only are all the new worksheets great, but the bonus of the easier formating is terrific. My time has been cut in half when making new worksheets. I tried the new PDF export and although it is nice to export both worksheets at the same time, I found that the first time I tried it, the picture came out with a black background rather than its transparent background. I will try this a few more times, though, to see if does it to all, or just the one. Prior to this export, I have just used PRINT TO ADOBE, but this causes me to print the worksheet separately from the answer key. The one nice thing about doing it this way is that the worksheet is immediately opened in the Adobe program. So, it is a toss up. However, I think that it is wonderful that you continue to try and add things that will make tasks easier. Keep up the awesome work!! I have been a customer of School House Tech for many many years, ordering the original Math Worksheet Factory back in its first version (through my school). Since then, I have ordered the publishing licenses for 3 products. I cannot begin to tell you how valuable your programs are! Thank you for all the hard work that you have put into these products!

Deborah W.
Arizona, USA
Wow! I have been pleased with your Vocabulary Worksheet Factory, but the newest version is really great! Thank you so much!

Janie S.
Tennessee, USA
I use the vocabulary worksheet software. I also subscribe to one other educational software title on an annual basis. (Ed Helper is pretty good.) I have subscribed to another software package this year. I have just wasted US $30. No other software comes anywhere near your products. Your stuff is easy to use and adaptable to Australian needs. All the worksheets I make using Schoolhouse Technologies software look professional and are easy for children to use. The one off payment gives me a solid product that I can use almost daily. I recommend your company whenever I can. Thanks

Nick B.
Perth, WA, Australia
I like it [Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 4]. I could do a lot of things with it that I couldn't do with the old program. It seems more user friendly. It is a winner! I use the worksheets I make every day in my classroom for math, reading, social studies and science. It is a very useful tool for me in the special needs classroom. I have a font program that makes the dotted line letters for the children to trace and I can run off pages of vocabulary for the children using that as well as the other options. I use the dotted line font on the crossword puzzle and the higher students do the crossword puzzles as a cross word puzzle. The lower functioning students do it as a fine motor exercise tracing the letters. I do much more with it. I am sold on the program.

Debrah R.
Special Needs Teacher
Rupert, Idaho, USA
I'm really enjoying the new vocabulary software [Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 4]. I've used Schoolhouse Technologies software now for gosh...I don't know how long...but it's been a long time. I wouldn't be without it. Your products are the best! I teach general ed, but am certified in special ed, as well. Usually, I take the inclusion class which means I always have a wide range of abilities in my room. The Schoolhouse family of products make it so easy for me to differentiate instruction for my kids. Especially when you have the option to provide hints. I am able to tailor the worksheet to a child's specific needs and/or, make it more challenging for those without learning disabilities. Another aspect is the RtI (Response to Intervention) we now use to identify students who may qualify for special ed services. While administering interventions, I'm able to have more control over the product and create something specific for that particular student and the skill we're targeting for remediation. Another thing about your company...the quality of customer service is EXCELLENT...and always has been.

Nancy J.
Clearwater, Florida, USA
I have only used your program [Schoolhouse Test] a few times, but I really think it is much better than any I have used or looked at. I am still learning all the ropes, but I feel very confident with the program and think it is great. I have been telling all my colleagues about it. Thanks for a great product that does what it says.

Mark G
Loganville, Georgia, USA
Thanks very much for the opportunity to upgrade free to Maths Resource Studio 4. The program looks even better than before. I sang praises about your program at a recent PD day in our area. I hope others take up the program. I think it is fantastic in its flexibility and usability. Thank you very much for the resource - my students enjoyed their algebra experience (using your worksheet factory 3 worksheets this year).

Grant H.
Alexandra, Central Otago, New Zealand
Hello all, I'm happy to see MRS4 out and about! You've all done a great job -- while Math worksheet factory was a lifesaver of a programme, MRS4 is inspired! I rely on it. Thanks for the offer of the free programme. You folks really know how to do things -- constantly keeping up and revising. Thanks again.

Treesh L.
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
I have to say that you guys have the best customer service of any business I've dealt with. I don't know if you're the boss, but you definitely deserve a raise. I'll keep spreading the word about the program and the great customer service that comes with it.

Gary A.
Connecticut, USA
I do appreciate your products...and I love the Test! I was able to create a 30 question Social Studies test in 15 minutes first time. Thank you for such a great product!

Morey F.
California, USA
I have forwarded your mail to our admin support team and hopefully they will be able to sort it out with the advice you have given. Once again, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your support and feedback and the promptness of your follow-up! Thank you so much! - a lot of companies could learn a lot from your example. Regards

Anne M
Technology Teacher
Ballito, South Africa
I do appreciate your products...and I love the Test! I was able to create a 30 question Social Studies test in 15 minutes first time. Thank you for such a great product!

Morey F.
California, USA
I've already tested the wordsearch for this past week's spelling words [from Vocabulary Worksheet Factory]. WOW! It's great and I can add my own pictures to the top. I can imagine our integrated unit for Social Studies and Math/Art and language having a lot of new worksheets by Monday as I learn how to use the program and all the different sheets. My students have learned many dolch words so I'll use them to write some of my own short Social Studies pages then make worksheets to go along with them. Thanks for your suggestion to download it for evaluation. Otherwise I would have waited for the CD to arrive. Maybe I'll be able to convince our IT person to buy a site licence if I can show her how the sheets can be used. Our entire school, elementary and high school only has about 80 students.

Dawn S.
Ontario, Canada
Your tech support is awesome, I have never had such prompt and helpful service before. Your product [Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 3] has been an excellent resource for me for several years. ....I truly mean this is the best support I have ever received online or via email.

Peggy E.
California, USA
Maths Factory and Vocabulary Worksheet Factory are real treasures. Maths Factory is a really easy to use program which has had a great deal of use in the school where I teach since its introduction. Even members of staff who find computers challenging have used the program regularly. It is a great time-saver, a ready-source of amazing resources and a powerful tool for producing differentiated worksheets. Vocabulary Worksheet Factory requires more program familiarity and more teacher input. It is well-worth getting to know the program. My experience is that children love the resources produced. The "Magic Text Distiller" is a great time-saver.

Gareth R.
Birmingham, UK
This program [Schoolhouse Test] is FANTASTIC! I have already shown it to so many other teachers. I am going to take it to my old school principal and get her to purchase it for the school. I wish I had this program back when I was a classroom teacher! It would have made my life so much easier. It is so user friendly, and can be used for more than test & quizzes. I have used it to make review sheets and other kinds of worksheets for my daughter. It is an amazing resource!

Tracy E.
North Charleston, South Carolina, USA
We can't thank you enough! This will give our daughters (especially the older) the challenge they've been wanting. Your programs are at the core of our home school, and have been since the beginning. We have always appreciated your excellent products, but we have an even deeper appreciation for your customer service and support. Please send our thanks to the developers.

Lillie W.
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
"The program [Schoolhouse Test] makes very clean, professional looking tests. I have taken mine and had them (both pre-course & post-course tests) laminated and placed in a spiral-bound booklet for continued use. The addition of pictures and different question formats add to the test and allow for different learning styles." "You have been quick to respond to all questions and 'Schoolhouse Test' is a very easy to use program that allows for quick copy/paste fill-in and is in an easy-to-use format. The results might possibly be duplicated by other programs, but the time and effort would be considerably more."

John C.
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Thank you so much for sending me the backup copies - I have now downloaded them and my pupils love all the different word searches and crosswords. They make great fillers for lessons, homeworks and really useful revision practice for revising the terms and phrases we use. I teach Geography to 11 to 18 year olds at a private school in the North of England and I keep telling other teachers how useful they are! Thanks again.

Judith R.
Preston UK
It would be easy to underestimate the usefulness of the products I have purchased from Schoolhouse Technologies. I teach Spanish, French and English to adults, and I'm very impressed with the Vocabulary Worksheet Factory and Schoolhouse Bingo. I discovered Schoolhouse Technologies when I downloaded the free Basic Math Facts program from the Internet for my son. It was so easy to use, and took the drudgery out of preparing simple worksheets for regular review. What I discovered is that the other programs are extremely useful for teaching adults as well. Although my classes are mostly conversational, my students love being able to take something home for review that reinforces what they learned, and in an entertaining way. They learn well when they have an opportunity to "play" with new language. Using the Bingo program for vocabulary review is great! My students have fun, and almost seem surprised when the result is an increased vocabulary. They didn't study. They just play, and feel like they become bilingual "by accident". Language teachers can use the Picture area of the vocabulary worksheets in some creative ways that perhaps even the programmers never thought of. For example, you can create a small graphic file with all of the forms of an irregular verb, and insert it as a picture. Then, as students work through the worksheet, they have an easy reference at the top of the page to help them become acquainted with the new verb. All of the Schoolhouse Technologies programs are super easy to use, and the tech support has been excellent. I had a strange quirk in using the program which was related to my computer's in unique configuration, and the response from tech support was very quick and resolved the problem completely. I like being able to customize the vocabulary worksheets so that they have the same look and feel as the other notes I distribute. That ensures that my work maintains a consistently professional quality. I really like these programs, and the company as well. There's a lot more to both then you are likely to see at first glance on a web site.

Keith S.
Vancouver, BC
I have purchased Version 3, after checking it out on your website. All I can say is, it is SLICK!!! It reminds me of StudyMate, which I used between about 1991-1996 and lost when I got a new computer. That was a terrific teaching program, and your Version 3 comes very close! Thank you very much for your help. You made it seem very simple, which is what I needed.

Dorothy S.
Connecticut, USA
WOW!!!!! I was going to ask, but I hadn't had time to see if any discount could be applied, but you beat me to the punch. Thank you for anticipating my needs. My computer at home that has my Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 2, two days ago gave me the "blue screen" of death startup and I really needed access to your great program. I am so spoiled to its many features. I now find it difficult to function without it. This may explain my frantic attempts to correct this tragic event. Thank you for your prompt responses!! It saved the day and I was able to print out my worksheets just in time. I would HIGHLY recommend your software and company to anyone!! I use it all the time! Some of the other teachers have asked me how I'm able to produce so many worksheets in such a short period of time and I always tell them about your product. (I hope I've sent you several customers, already.) I will continue to brag about you company, software, and products, and I really appreciate everything you did to keep me a satisfied customer!! Thanks again!!

Melanie R.
Texas, USA
Thanks for your help on this. Your products are great time-savers. Just yesterday, I made up a spelling/vocabulary quiz for one of my classes. What used to take half an hour using Word only took my a few minutes with your test software! I teach EFL so I make and use a lot of quizzes that have pictures for each of the multiple choices. I say an object's name and then the students choose the correct answer from the multiple choices. Maybe the option of making this kind of test could be incorporated in the next edition of the test software. Also, my higher level students read a short article and then answer a series of multiple choice reading comprehension questions about the article. I typed the article in the instructions section for lack of other options. Maybe this kind of quiz could also be considered in further editions. Even without these two kinds of tests, the software still proves to be very helpful! Thanks again!

Jeff L.
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Just to let you know Bonnie, I love all the software Schoolhouse offers. I teach what are called, "At-Risk," Special Education kids for Seattle Public Schools and use one of the bingo programs regularly. My kids don't say, "Cool, or Awesome or Great." They say, "Bomb, Tight, and Filthy." So we play "Ms. Stub's Bomb Bingo," on certain days of the week and it's been a fantabulous hit for all, which is of course, "Bomb, Tight, and Filthy," all mixed together. Between the Schoolhouse bingo program and the 10% discount at the Dollar store, I've become the most popular teacher in our building. And additionally, I've introduced the same game at summer school the past few weeks and all the kiddos have increased their math skills at an exponential rate! Let me add one more kudo for Schoolhouse as well. Both software programs allow me to add culturally relevant graphics to each and every assignment I create. So the students learn about contemporary African-American art every week and see their beautiful personal photos in their assignments. Thanks Bonnie, Schoolhouse is "Tight!"

Susan S.
Special Education Teacher
Seattle, Washington, USA
I have been using MWD and VWF for three years to help our LD foster child. I am happy to report that the child has improved dramatically and I am extremely happy with the work that I am able to generate.

Linda D.
Jerramungup, WA, Australia
Thanks very much. The products that I have purchased from you are great!!! Extremely useful and well designed!

Todd M.
Ontario, Canada
Your products are fantastic; slowly but surely the peers in my building are buying your programs. Yesterday we had a staff meeting and I shared your Test writing program [Schoolhouse Test] with other teachers. Washington states WASL, the state test, is written exactly like your program. For years we have struggled to make templates to fit the test. I shared your program, and there was even discussion of purchasing a site license. Please keep working, love the new games on the vocabulary program.

Karen C.
Washington state, USA
WOW is all I can say...not really...OUTSTANDING is more like it. I have never been associated with a company that's been more responsive to its customer's needs. Bonnie, feel free to post this as a testimonial because your potential customers should know about your awesome service after the sale. Thank your developers for their efforts in creating the additional maps; I'm sure the South Pacific Islands will be as equally detailed.

Russ L.
Corpus Christi, Texas
I downloaded your Basic Facts Worksheet from your web site. It has been a tremendous help for my son. He is in the third grade and has started to learn his multiplication tables. Your program has helped him a lot. He has ADHD and he gets easily frustrated when he feels that he is not catching on as quickly as he should. This program allows me to help him concentrate on the number he is learning. I love how I can regenerate each worksheet. I will tell every parent that I can about your web site.

Angela J.
Pendleton, SC
Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy using both the Vocabulary Builder and Bingo Card Maker. I really appreciated having to type the vocab. words and definitions one time for each activity. This feature is a real time-saver for me! FYI - My class enjoyed playing Bingo (with their social studies words and definitions) last Friday. They even asked to play it after the next chapter. Ideas to consider...#1- I was wondering if it would be possible to make a" Bingo" card with less than twenty- squares--maybe 4 x 4. Sometimes I don't have 25 words and definitions and don't like to have blank spaces on the card. #2 - I'd like to be able to insert graphics into the "Bingo cards" and give them some color and pizzaz! Your products are wonderful, and I will recommend them to my colleagues! I only wish that I would have had them 32 years ago when I began teaching! Oh, well, enough about ancient history for today.

Cal R.
St. Louis, Missouri
Thank you! It is great to receive technical support that is detailed and forth coming! The program itself is amazing and so very beneficial. With the support I have received from SchoolHouse Technologies it has added to the grandeur this program contains. The support itself has given more reason than the program to purchase it! If I choose to buy this program, and the likelihood is certainly, it will be with great honor to have it installed on my computer and use it through my lessons with my students! 10/10 for service and so far 8/10 for the user friendliness and practicality of the program!

Steve B.
Sydney, Australia
My adult numeracy students love basic facts bingo - so thanks.

Stacey G.
Queensland, Australia
We run a tutoring service at a college. Your Mathematics Worksheet Factory is a real plus! Students from adult basic education, trades, business and upgrading, as well as community members upgrading skills for apprenticeships or the GED have benefited. We recommended it to three other departments who then got together and purchased a site license! It works successfully with slow learners, and we have incorporated it into distance delivery courses for independent learners. It's very refreshing to provide the practice students need within a minute, without culling a limited number of not-quite adequate questions from a variety of texts! So many textbooks don't provide practice with mixed operations, yet this is critical to student success on exams! As well, there is never enough practice in texts -- this program makes the practice possibilities endless! I love being able to control not only the number of questions and the difficulty, but also the terror factor inherent in a large number of questions or questions with complex numbers that also ask students to deal with new concepts. Now we can control question difficulty until students are ready for more involved questions (i.e. involving decimals or fractions)! Font control allows us to choose to meet the needs of students with visual problems or to cram practice on one or two sheets for those who "gotta pick up the kids NOW!" The answer sheets are a Godsend to both students and staff! Students can't believe they got the help that quickly and even as adults they enjoy the jokes and riddles--often sharing them with their kids! The program allows us to meet individual needs at a moment's notice without hassle -- and makes tutoring a pleasure, because appropriate material is only a keyboard away. This program is an example of superlatively EXCELLENT educational software. And your support (the little we needed it!) is the best we've had for any software.

Jaye W.
Alberta, Canada
We have EXTENSIVELY used your Basic Facts Worksheets. It has been a godsend for us. We have known for a long time that our son had some processing difficulties, and last year his psychiatrist told me and the school to start expecting to see differences as he grew older, and that short term memory deficits would begin showing once math memorization began in the 3rd grade. Well since the classroom testing is very similar to your worksheets (36 questions, on a two-minute timed test) - I am happy and proud to report our son is number 2 in his class of 23 with his multiplication tables, and is #3 in his class with division. He has completed and memorized all the fact tables. We just saw his doctor last week, who shook her head and said it was due to the "homework" we were able to do by using your program. Math is so CRITICAL, that this provides him with a strong basis for a good future. Thanks again for not only developing your program, but allowing us to use it for free. I will share one more thing with you all. One of the very first worksheets we tried, my son was so extremely frustrated he expressed that he would NEVER be able to do this. So then we turned it around and he timed me, I had to do double the work (your worksheets allowed 40 problems on a page - so I did 2 pages ) in the time I gave him for one page - once he saw that I could do it, and my techniques, he never complained again.

Signed one very grateful parent in Minnesota.
I like the Crossword Factory. The set up is a bit longwinded at first -- seem to be endless decisions, but once I got the layout I wanted, it was perfect and didn't need any further tinkering. It looks scary, but it's very easy to work through. I also like the fact that I can export the crosswords since I like to incorporate one sheet in a set of one week's English work. Well done.

Treesh L.
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Thank you so much! I use the mathematics worksheets extensively for timed multiplication fact tests. It's so nice to just push a button or two and have a test made to my specifications. At the end of each school year, I use the vocabulary worksheets to create a crossword puzzle with my students' names and clues to go with them. I appreciate these sites and those who staff them very much. Keep up the good work!

Wanda L.
Corsicana, Texas
Thanks so much for this site. I use the math facts practice worksheets to review basic facts with my daughter and plan to use it with my son in the next year or so. Knowledge of basic number facts are essential for the building of all math skills. Keep up the great work!

Maxine M.
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
I want to let you know what terrific products you have created and how valuable they are to both teachers and parents. I am a third grade teacher who has been using your Math Worksheet Factory program for a couple of years now to design worksheets to reinforce all facets of our math curriculum. Time, money, fractions, decimals, as well as basic addition/subtraction and multiplication and division skills are all covered in Worksheet Factory 3, as well as much more! In particular, we take frequent timed tests to learn multiplication facts to automaticity. Your program allows me to customize worksheets for each student. I recommend the Basic Facts Lite program to all my parents so that they can generate worksheets or "sample tests" that mirror those used in class. It's wonderful that it is free. Parents love that part. My favorite story though, is about one of the 8 year olds in my class, who, once her dad downloaded the Lite program to their computer, is now making her own practice tests to use at home. She then taught several of the kids in class how easy it was to make worksheets all by themselves. Wow! It doesn't get better than that! Thank you so much for your great products. Keep them coming!

Debbie L.
Chino Hills, USA
Just wanted to thank the creator of the free Word Search Factory and all those who make it possible to get the free program. It is fast and easy to learn and use. Thanks.

Ohio, USA
First of all, I have to tell you I love both the vocabulary and math worksheet programs! I teach students with mild mental disabilities and they are thriving with these worksheets. I am able to meet their IEP needs by making worksheets that target their individual needs without spending hours making them. I like the variety of worksheets I can make which keeps them interested. The one feature I would like to see is worksheets designed similar to standardized test format. Multiple choice answers for definitions or for finding the correct spelling of words would be of significant value to all teachers, especially in light of the No Child Left Behind legislation. I'm sure other teachers would agree. Thank you again for wonderful and inexpensive programs. I've recommended this site and these programs to several professors in the local colleges and universities as invaluable to their students. Keep up the good work!!

M. Anderson
Iowa, USA
I have always loved word search puzzles. I have books and also a program for my palm handheld. I downloaded word search factory from your website this evening. I completed my first word search and fell in love with this program. I am studying to be a teacher. I will recommend this program and use it with all of the teachers that I work with as a teacher's assistant. Thanks a million.

Tracy B.
San Francisco, CA, USA
Your program is a perfect addition for my classroom. My school is in process of buying the program for the entire school. The math program works well for IEPs because I can create and make specific math worksheets for individual students based on their assessed needs. This program makes searching for material so much easier.

Ranan C.
Lindenhurst, IL, USA
Just a quick note to thank you for the great worksheet programmes. I'm using both maths and language and the kids in my class just love them. I particularly like how I can make worksheets exactly on the topics we're studying - especially the cloze sheets. Love the new features in maths 3. Also neat to be able to change currency etc to suit our country. Keep up the great work.

G. White
Tauranga, New Zealand
My kids are getting smarter because of your software! It is amazingly simple to create piles of worksheets! I love kids will appreciate it later.

Scott K.
Grantham, PA, USA
We homeschool our three boys. We used the Vocabulary Worksheet Factory last year to supplement their spelling curricula. We changed their curricula this year, so we didn't use it in the beginning. They were not doing well on their spelling/vocabulary tests, so I thought I would go back to using your product (after three weeks without it). Their test scores went from barely C's to 100's in the first week we began using it again. Thank you so much for your product.

Tammy S.
Homeschooling Parent
Texas, USA
I just downloaded your program (Mathematics Worksheet Factory Lite) on a fellow teacher's recommendation and made my first worksheets. Wow! What an awesome program! This program is so easy to learn and so teacher friendly. It just takes a few minutes to customize worksheets to fit individual needs. Every teacher needs to know about this program! I thank you very, very much!

Gregg F.
5th grade teacher
Idaho, USA
Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate the word search program that I just downloaded from your site. It is JUST what I was needing. Looks & works like a dream. Thank you, also, for your generosity. As a home school mom, our budget appreciates this gift.

Homeschooling Parent
Napa, California, USA
Thank you very much for sending the License Keys and CD for Vocabulary Worksheet Factory and Mathematics Worksheet Factory Deluxe. The Mathematics Worksheet Factory Deluxe version 3 is my favorite. It has many excellent features including the Equations:Single Variable, One Side and Circle Drills. These features are assisting me to begin teaching my son Algebra while he is still learning some basic skills, thus maintaining his interest in Mathematics. Thank You for this excellent program. The Vocabulary Worksheet Factory enables me to produce customized Language Arts worksheets in a variety of formats that appeal to my family. The Crossword Puzzles and Decoding features are favorites in my household. Thank you for including the ability to create Word List and Text Collections. These features will enhance learning in my house for years to come. The best feature of both of these programs is their flexibility. I am able to customize worksheets at a moments notice. This fact alone makes them appealing to my household. Thank You very much for providing an excellent line of software at an affordable price.

Norma W.
Homeschooling Family
Missouri, USA
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wordsearch factory. I am a fontish teacher and have great difficulties finding materials for my students. With your program I'll be able to generate all the word searches I ever dreamed of. I am especially thankful for your feature that supports special characters. And I can make word searches that are easy for my elementary level students and more challenging ones for my adult students.

Jerima K.
Colorado Springs, CO, USA
I just wanted to let you know how much I like your product. It is so easy to use and produces the best puzzles!

Carrie J.
New Jersey, USA
Thank you so much for your Worksheet Factory programs for both vocab/math. They have been so handy as both my children have suffered long bouts of illnesses from time to time and I've been able, thanks to you, keep them up to date with their schooling. It's awesome software. I don't know where I'd be without you. Thank you and a Big smile.

Adelaide, South Australia
It's not always easy to find resources to teach slow learners if they are older - often the pictures related to the level of work are so young. Here I can add my own - streetwise illustrations, and the time saved in preparing skills practice sheets is great. A big thank-you.

Pauline S.
Southampton UK
I am not a teacher, just a parent who is working with her 6th grade son, and this evening I just downloaded your trial math program. I wish I was able to utilize all your programs (a bit too costly for me) but you should be commended for having developed this terrific program! I will pass it on and thank you for the free trial.

Nancy H.
Sarasota, Florida, USA
I am a single mother of 2, and I've just downloaded and tried your program! I am in love! It was easy and fun! My son can't wait to see what the program gives him next. His teacher has asked me for the link and the name of your program. I love it so much. I'm able to make a math sheet in less than a minute, and still able to make dinner too! Great job and keep it coming!!!

Ontario, Canada
Absolutely wonderful software. Helped an F student become a B student. Wonderful. Great. Awesome. I would pay double for this.

I would just like to let you know how fantastic I think Math Worksheet Factory is. I have been using it since the original and I am very impressed with the awesome worksheets that it makes in just seconds. I used to do these "by hand" and it took so long to swap out numbers, etc. Thank you for an incredible product and for the wonderful upgrade changes to 3.0. I felt like a kid in a candy store when I was "playing" with it yesterday! The teachers at our school love the program and I know they will be very excited to see the new additions in 3.0. Thank you for always making it better! This is the best program I have ever used for creating worksheets...and that includes the Vocabulary Worksheet Factory, as well. It is the best money our school has spent for site licensing! Thank you.

Deborah W.
Arizona, USA
My daughter has just started school and she loves these worksheets. Their format is very clear and the sheets are very easy to make up. Thank you very much.
Hema B.
I just have to say one thing: I love SchoolhouseTech.Com. It's helped out a lot. Thank you.

Amber S.
I just want to thank you for the FREE Word Search program you have developed. The content is very rich and featured. My son is 5 years old and it is great to help him with his phonics and reading. I find it so seldom that someone is willing to share such a great piece of work, and I plan on letting the Montessori school, that he goes to, know about your website!

Ron G.
Dear Schoolhouse Tech., Words cannot express how useful your software is to the development of my eight year-old son. I use your software as a supplement to my son's current homework load. The customization of your software makes it the best I have ever come across. Thank you!!!!

Demetrius & Shaquille
New Jersey, USA
I have used the two versions of the Maths worksheet makers, the Wordfind maker and now the Vocabulary program. They are, as so many people have written to you, Really Great. Although I must say at first some of the procedures are a little unclear, but with experimenting you find the quickest way to do things. Needless to say that the children in my Year 4-5 ( ages 8-10) class thoroughly enjoy the problems. "Don't tell them they're learning and they'll do them by the cartload". Keep on designing more of these brilliant programs. Congratulations from us in New Zealand.

N. S-Jones
New Zealand
The worksheet factories are fantastic timesavers! I can produce sharp, professional materials tailored to our curriculum and modified to meet the needs of my students in a fraction of the time it used to take me. And my kids LOVE them!

Maria V.
Massachusetts, USA
By the way, after using your product this school year, my 2nd graders are doing problems their older brothers and sister are amazed to see. You cover many areas and I was glad to hear you will be including Time and Money. I tell anyone looking for help in Math or Vocabulary words to check out your site.

Gary S.
Michigan, USA
As a feedback to you, may I thank you for your excellent product and service. I have found the product extremely helpful and useful. Please keep up the good work.

Alan B.
I like the Worksheet Factory very much and appreciate having it to use to supplement my homeschool. I have been using it off and on for over a year now and it is a very valuable tool in helping my daughter and grandson learn their math facts. Thank you very much.

Judy H.
I am a homeschooler. I just downloaded some of your programs to help me teach my children, and so far they enjoy them. I will be registering and buying them. I just love these programs. And I will be letting other homeschools know about them too. Again thanks for being here to help homeschoolers and teachers make learning fun for the children of the world.

Christine D.
U.S. Navy/wife/teacher
I am a grade 2 teacher in an English school in Mauritius. The worksheet factory is just great: so easy to use and the children love the worksheets I prepared for them. Thank-you for the good work. It's really useful and saves a lot of time.

Juliette T.
... now some praise for your programs - I have owned the Math Worksheet Factory Deluxe program for a couple of years, and I LOVE it. I teach first grade, and one of the California standards for first grade is for them to know their addition and subtraction facts to 20. So, every day after lunch we have our "Mad Minute" (which is really 4 minutes, but what the heck!). I use the program to make the worksheets, and for my lower students who do fewer problems, I use the program to create their worksheets, too. By the end of the school year, my students are pretty good at the math facts. My more able students love to be challenged, so I create what they need too. Thank you for having such a great program available.

Becky T.
California, USA name is Miranda. I was struggling in my algebra class and was getting horrible grades. I came to this site and found worksheets to help me out. Thank you so much!

Miranda H.
Hi, I use the Worksheet Factory Deluxe for Math and I must tell you that it is a "lifesaver"!!! Without it, I would be lost as I am a teacher of multiple grades (K-9). It is wonderful! I look forward to checking out any other programs that you may have. Thank-you,

Laurie O.
Manitoba, Canada
I have just completed my first year of teaching and among all of the "new teacher" sites, I found Worksheet Factory. The math sheets were really helpful to me in pinpointing the exact areas of practice for my third graders. I was able to change from horizontal to vertical along with the textbook. I also used the vocabulary worksheets for spelling words. The kids loved it. When I read the other comments, I discovered new ways to use the worksheets. I shared this site with another new teacher across the hall, and we used it together. This is an invaluable, fast tool for new teachers who are buried in paperwork and confusion. Thank you for helping me (and my friend) through the first year!

E. Foster
Jersey City, NJ
Hi! I am a mother of 2 daughters (ages 9 & 7). I downloaded this onto my computer and I printed some worksheets to see what the girls would think and they won't let my printer rest. They want me to print more sheets. They really like this. I was looking for some math problems that I could use for myself because I am planning on going back to school this next fall (2002). I am so out of practice that I was needing some freshing up on my math. I thought I could use this for my algebra and all. I think this is gonna help me and my girls. They want to work their math when I do. Thanks for this "great" Program.

E. English
My younger three children love the Wordsearch Worksheets and they are so easy to use. I also use the Map Worksheets and the Mathematic Worksheets. All of them are a Godsend to me. Thank you soooooo much.

Homeschool Educator
South Australia
I have every Worksheet Factory product you put out, and I use them. They are the most versatile and useful programs I have. I teach Special Education and these programs enable me to provide my students with materials at varying levels of difficulty. The programs are simple to use and quick. I have never had a problem with any of them nor have they ever fallen short of what I need. Best of all I can produce professional looking materials for my class on a moment's notice! I cannot say enough good about these programs. Thank you.

Susan Stephens
Riverside, CA
Just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your product. I am a homeschool mom of two boys, ages 11 and 12. I use your software several times each week. Thank you for such a useful product!

Tammy H.
Ashland, KY
I am writing to say thank you. I found your free downloads on the internet today. I immediately began to use them. They were extremely user friendly. And the added bonus is the worksheets are great! I am a homeschooling mother of 4 and you don't know how much this will help me. Once again thank you. I will be sure to recommend your site to other homeschooling families.

Mrs. G Al-Kahtani
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
(originally Pittsburgh, PA)
I downloaded Math Worksheet Deluxe this week...WOW! You can be sure that I'll register! Thanks for taking the time to help us as teachers!

Tammy Z.
Dundee, IL
I just downloaded the demo version of Worksheet deluxe. AWESOME! I am shocked as to how versatile a program it is. I am definitely going to purchase it.

Mitch Wasserman
4th Grade Teacher
New Jersey
I've finally got around to downloading the update to version 2 [Mathematics Worksheet Factory Deluxe] and I just had to let you know IT IS FANTASTIC!!!!!! All the things I've been longing for a program to do - algebra, negative numbers, circles. Absolutely fantastic - I'm going to brag about it at school tomorrow - it is soooooo good. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Fiona W.
Rossendale, UK
I have used the Workshop Programs in my class of Year 5 & 6 (9 -11 year olds) pupils for over a year now, and find them extremely useful. The fact that each sheet can be graded to suit a particular group, makes the task of catering for the wide range of pupils I have in my class so much easier. As most areas of the maths curriculum are covered, the usefulness of the programme is to be applauded. Well done the team who have produced such a winner!

Murray E.
Tokoroa, New Zealand
Thank you for sending me an e-mail to let me know of the free upgrade for Mathematics Worksheet Factory Deluxe version 2.0. I downloaded it yesterday and it once again is a winner. I have been using computers since 1983 (I started with the Timex/Sinclair) and I have gotten more value from your software than any other piece of software that I have purchased. Thank you.

A. Sweitzer
I am a Year 6 teacher (10-11 year olds) in Wolverhampton, UK. I have been using your Worksheet Factory program for over a year now with great success. It has been a superb resource for producing worksheets as "warm up" sessions for our Numeracy Hour work. I received your email about the new upgrade this evening and have downloaded it. I have only had a quick look at it but feel that I need to congratulate you on the improvements you have made. It is excellent. I shall continue to recommend it wholeheartedly to my teaching colleagues. Thanks for a great program and a brilliant teaching resource.

Bryan S.
I want to say that I am extremely excited and pleased with the worksheet maker I down-loaded. Thank you for making this free, so that teachers, like myself, can have access to something that will benefit us and our students without taking away our finances (teacher salaries are very low). The puzzles help to reinforce math vocabulary. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

D. W. Vaughn
Middle School Math
Thank you for a brilliant resource! This program has saved me lots of time and money and I am most grateful that you have provided it for free. Not only have I been able to customize worksheets for my class on specific maths problems I want them to practice with but I've been able to make the worksheets fun as well with the riddles and pictures. The tips are great too! Keep up the great work and I've just downloaded the wordsearch worksheet factory too. This will be excellent for our topic of interest studies.

New Zealand
I am a teacher of a grade 6 class containing students of varying abilities. Mathematics Worksheet Factory allows me to adapt math skills to meet a variety of levels with just the touch of a button. After showing this program to my fellow staff members, they were impressed. I believe many of them are going to purchase it as well. This program allows me flexibility within my math program, as well as being a great time saver. In a nutshell, WOW!!

Paul C Landry
I downloaded this program this afternoon and I and my children just loved it right from the start, so only a few minutes ago I purchased a registration. I am glad to pay for a job so well done! My two children are very bright, but unfortunately also very bored at school to the level of losing all interest in learning. As a mother with a small business at home, there is little time for making up my own learning program. Your program is a great help and I will have so much more time to spend working together with my children now. The program even gives me room to translate the worksheet to Dutch for my 5-year old, who doesn't understand English well enough yet. So thank you for this really great program and please go on making software like this; you might be saving some great brains from being destroyed by the mediocrity of some so-called 'modern' schoolsystems!

The Netherlands
I am a teacher of 21 fourth graders ranging from the gifted to the specifically learning disabled in the same room. Your products have allowed me to meet the needs of each student and at the same time, keeping the differences to a minimum. At a quick glance, no one can tell the more difficult worksheet from the less difficult. Thank you for a truly excellent product! I hope to change grade levels next year (from 4th to 2nd grade) and your programs will travel along with me with ease! Thank you!

Debbie A.
Savannah, Georgia
I have nothing but superlatives to express my satisfaction with both products. I started using Mathematics Worksheet Factory Deluxe last year. I teach a Resource room for academically weak students. This has been a valuable tool for making skill specific assignments in math. My son has experienced an increase in his computational skills at school. He has a learning disability. I have started using the new version with its increased worksheets. I really needed a program to generate work with angles, perimeter, and area. I would like to see a volume worksheet added in future upgrades. I was really excited when the Vocabulary Worksheet program became available. I downloaded and sent off my registration immediately! The searchable database is its greatest asset. I was able to design a pattern list in less than 3 minutes! This task takes much longer if done in the traditional way. My third grade son likes the Jumbles worksheets the best. I have been testing this program on him. He loves it!!! Both the Math program and the Vocabulary program have helped him learn more than any other computer program that I have tried! Thank you so much for these products. You have done the educational community a great service with your programs! Sincerely,

I home educate my two sons (13 - special needs & 15 GCSE's). I was struggling for worksheets and math practice until I came across your program. It is amazing, and really helpful to my children's education. I cannot praise it enough. I have searched the web for something like this for many years. I would like to send you a big thank you. Best wishes,

I downloaded your Word Search Factory about half an hour ago and it is fabulous. I have already prepared two wordsearches for the end of term lessons and I am currently downloading the Lite version of Mathematics Worksheet Factory. If this is as good as the Word Search Factory, I can see myself coming back to purchase the deluxe version. Thank you again - it was exactly what I wanted and more besides.

Hello to all teachers, I'm so glad that I found this wonderful worksheet program. It helps me so much to prepare my math lessons. It is useful to me even as a German teacher working with mentally handicapped children. Thanks a lot and go on in this way. Greetings from Germany,

Christiane V. H.
I teach math to students with mild disabilities in a high school. I purchased your math program and have had lots of success with it. I have been using the Vocabulary Worksheet factory puzzles to teach math vocabulary and spelling. They are a big hit with the kids. Spelling and word recognition has improved. I assign them as homework and they return them completed dying to check the answer keys. I have left them as review work when a substitute teacher has been needed. I use them as a warm up exercise on Monday mornings...Keep up the good work.

Loran T.
Baton Rouge, LA
I am a third grade teacher and a parent of three school age children. I love this program! Thanks for making it available and so easy to use! It is a great resource. I just introduced some multiplication facts and it is so easy to generate a worksheet specifically with those facts that we have covered. The kids enjoy the riddles and tongue twisters. Again, thanks for a great resource!

Jami V.
Just a quick email to once again compliment you on your Math Worksheet programme. I recently retired from full time teaching and am now doing substitute teaching and private tuition. As a substitute teacher I find the addition trail worksheet superb - can run off three sheets of the various difficulties before I go in the morning and put some of the puzzles up on the board for kids to do if they finish their work. They enjoy them. It is also great for tutoring as it is so easy to run off a sheet designed for the individual kid. If I was still teaching full time I would have the kids running off their own sheets to suit their needs. I recently showed the programme to a kid who is at present training to be a teacher. She was amazed at its simplicity and has since purchased the programme. I also told somebody who is working in a school in Britain about it - they had a look at it and this morning I received a message telling me that they think it is great and the boys in the school are now doing plenty of Math worksheets. I think you can expect an order from that school very soon. I am quite sure that every school in New Zealand would purchase it if they know about it. So once again, congratulations on a superb programme and I look forward to any updates or new programmes.

New Zealand
I just wanted to say what a valuable resource your math worksheet program is! Our school purchased a site license, and I find myself using the program all the time to reinforce basic math concepts that are not covered in depth in our math series. I no longer need to find teacher supplemental math resources that cost a lot of money. It's easy to send homework without sending the whole math book, and easily correctable by parents with the easy answer key.

Deborah Rutkowski
Forbes School, Edwards Air Force Base, USA
As a home-schooling mother of 3, I have tried many math worksheet programs. Yours is by far the best! I love the way I can customize the pages to each child's learning needs. The clip art and jokes add a touch the younger kids really enjoy. I can't wait to try out the beta releases of your new programs. Do you have any plans for an English worksheet program? That would be great! Thanks for such wonderful programs at prices we can afford!

Kathy L.
California, USA
Very useful resource. I use it to provide work for children in my SEN groups while I am working with individuals. It's also so easy to generate different sheets based on the same concept (no copying) in such a quick time.

Chelmsford, Essex, England
I teach students with special needs in the middle school. They are all working at the 3rd grade level or below, and this program makes it so much easier to do individualized math books for them. We don't have any age appropriate books in the building, and no drill and practice at all in the district, so finding your program was great. Blackline master books are so expensive and usually only have 1 or 2 pages that I can use... this way I get exactly what I want each time. I purchased the Deluxe version because I have students who need to work on 3 and 4 digit addition, so this will make it easier to find those pages!

Magi S.
Pennsylvania, USA
I am so impressed with your program I have given the site address to my daughter's school. We have five children and four grandchildren so this program will be used. I wish I would have found this before we purchased the other 6 programs that the kids won't use. I never was good at multiplication so now I can print out sheets for myself also. Kudos!

Linda W.
Buffalo, NY
We just discovered your program on the net and are thoroughly impressed. We plan to register our copy tomorrow. I have downloaded and purchased number of similar programs and this one is tops. We begin homeschooling our daughter this year and the program fits nicely into the curriculum. The fact that you can customize the problems and adjust the levels with such ease really makes this enjoyable to use. This was well thought out and designed. Good luck in the future and we will inform our friends about your product.

Bill F.
Tallahassee, Florida
Thank you for offering such a wonderful service. I was very impressed with the lite version, so I purchased the deluxe version. I probably wouldn't have purchased the deluxe version without first trying your free lite version download. I was so impressed though that I immediately purchased the deluxe version. It is definitely the best $12.00 I have ever spent. It has helped my daughters' math capabilities immensely. They have made great improvements. They think the jokes are terrific. I would recommend your program to anyone who has children, even if their children already do fine in math. It is good reinforcement of their skills. I look forward to the expansion of your services and will definitely be a customer in the future.

Anchorage, Alaska
Just wanted to let you know that I took a break from making up some math worksheets to check email and, voila, there is an upgrade waiting for me that is just what I need for Friday. Thank you. This has been a very good investment on my part. I often buy blackline books to use for making math worksheets, since we use textbooks only occasionally. A single book may cost me $6-$7 and I get what I get. With the Worksheet Factory, I am able to generate a huge number of different sheets with the same skill level. Thank you so much for this software. It helps me and my students on a daily basis.

Mary W.
Your program is really wonderful! I am a French home-schooling mom and I use both oral drill and your sheets. It is very efficient. My 7 yr old learned (along with his 9 yr old sister and 10 yr old brother) the multiplication table by 3 in one week and he knows it perfectly. The French style oral drill is really efficient and the sheets help the kids to see their progress and crystallize the tables in their little brains! (French style oral drill is singing the tables!) Thanks for your contribution to education.

Marie J.
I am currently student teaching and will graduate in 4 months, so I am trying to build up my file cabinet of resources. I have been searching the web for computer programs that make teacher's lives easier. I have downloaded and tried out many programs, only to end up later throwing them out because they don't meet my needs. There was no question about Mathematics WorkSheet Factory! I could tell it was a keeper just from the screenshots on your web page. I wish all software was this simple and feature-packed. And to top it all off, the price just can't be beat. Thank you for this great program.

Scott T.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful program. I have eight special-needs children in my (foster) home and have searched the web for such a program that I can print out and give to the kids for their special studies. They now come home from school and ask or look for their special homework papers...(and I better have them ready, too). They love it. And that's great. I can't wait for your spelling worksheet program to come out...that's next on my list. I have also given your site out to their teachers to get their own copies. They all have commented how great it is afterwards...and how hard it is to find a really well balanced basic math program for kids that is not a video type game. Thank you so much again.

Dawn K.
I'm writing to introduce you to Integrated Lesson Plans, a new web-based software company aiming to make educators' lives more enjoyable and productive. I'm writing to you because I've been using Mathematics Worksheet Factory Deluxe since December and could not be more pleased with it. Over the past several years I have visited many education web sites but your site and your software certainly stand out from the crowd, so much so that we've linked to your site and wholeheartedly recommend your software to our visitors (our Links page contains only 3 links total, along with reference to several books for new teachers). I invite you to check out our site ( and download Classroom Utilities version 1.0, an integrated lesson generating software package. Thanks for the great software!

Bill Millerick, Ed.D.
Integrated Lesson Plans
I cannot thank you all enough for this program. It has been INVALUABLE in working with my children on their math skills. It has allowed me to easily create worksheets targeted at each child's needs.

Linda O.
Maryland, USA
I love [Mathematics Worksheet Factory] and have used it for my class. I am really looking forward to seeing some of your new products coming up. Your worksheet factory has really saved me a lot of money and time in preparing worksheets for my special needs students for which it is sometimes difficult to find the type of material I need for that group.

Cynthia C.
...the first day I used it I knew it was a terrific program. I'm a homeschooler and was planning on ordering [another product]... but, then I found your wonderful program!! I hope you can reach out to homeschoolers...your program is a wonderful "drill" tool!


p.s. My daughter loves the jokes...and, I've inserted my own "fun" clipart....what a wonderful addition to your program!
I just finished installing the upgrade to your deluxe program. I thought it couldn't get any better. I was wrong! You have an absolutely terrific product. The ease, versatility, and customizability of this program are outstanding. It completely eliminates the need for expensive workbooks full of black-line masters, and I've collected over 20 years' worth. Believe me, they fill up bookcases -- and your program is only 4" by 4". I'm going to throw out all those old workbooks today! The previous version was great, but adding the fraction, rounding, and graph paper components makes it fabulous! I honestly cannot say enough about this program. Now that I've purchased my copy, I really think you should raise the price! It's an absolute steal. Every teacher should have this program.

Madelyn T.
Grade 5 Teacher
I downloaded the update and would like to say you made a nice program better. Very good timing because I just started teaching fractions this week. Keep up the good work!

Alex S.
Southwestern Pennsylvania, USA
Just used your program from a computer magazine CD. Many thanks for your work. I have been looking through the blackline masters at school thinking "I need to make my own so the work is right where I want it to be" followed by "I just don't have time to do this!" In a few minutes I have made up sets for next week that will give practice at each kid's level. I am really very happy. I will access the website to have a look at the deluxe version 'cos the preview looks wonderful.

Dorothy H.
Teacher in Australia
I just wanted to let you know that Your program is amazing. My sister, after seeing the problems I have creating work (without a fight) for my mentally disabled child for home learning, she decided to become a teacher of "at risk & troubled" kids. She teaches in a non-profit school and has been in DIRE need of some fresh work. She, nor the school, have any computers. And I do. I have tested other programs, and most cannot run easily on a 486 (yes, I have a relic) or if they do, they aren't worth the effort. Your program works on my computer and I am now able to make nice, professional worksheets for both the school AND for my son to do! Believe me, I am going to be a printing freak until that 30 try limit is up. I just had to stop and let you know that you have filled a need that has existed for too long and done it with style and class! Thank you!

Lisa M.
We enjoy using your program!!!! My son is in 1st grade and does a sheet every night! I had been looking for something like this for a while, thank goodness I found the worksheetfactory!

Mark P.
Thank you for an interesting and easy to use program. I have used it non stop!

Marian A.
I have been using the Worksheet Factory Deluxe extensively over the past few weeks since registering and love it as much as I did on the original trial. Many thanks again for a great product.

Daniel B.
Derbyshire, Great Britain
Thank you for developing this program. It is wonderful. My 7 year old son needs a little bit of math fact review and this software meets my need for writing math problems. The appearance options are great. By utilizing them each sheet will not be identical, which will be nice.

Norma W.
Missouri, USA
This has to be one of the greatest teaching tools on the net. I have an eight year old who was struggling with math. I started her out on the very most basic addition problems. As she gained confidence, we increased the level of difficulty. Now she comes home from school and asks for worksheets for practice. Your program helped encourage her through some frustrating times. Thanks for helping her regain the motivation to learn!

Thanks for your help. I downloaded from ZDNet and had no trouble installing. I love the program! I am telling all my home schooling friends about Mathematics Worksheet Factory!

Celeste R.
Thibodaux, Louisiana, USA
This is one of the most impressive programs I have ever seen. It took me very little time to decide to buy it. It will be a wonderful aid. It is my hope that you are developing additional programs...I'll be one of the first in line should you do so.

Carole M.
Just wanted to say as a teacher in the UK I love this's saved me so much time and is brilliantly intuitive and well put together. The only one of its kind to do the job so well. Thanks so much.

Daniel B.
Derbyshire, Great Britain
Just a little note to say thank-you for the freeware "Mathematics Worksheet Factory Lite". It will be of great use to me, as it will be perfect for helping my six year old son Daniel with his maths practice.

Bronte T.
Far North Queensland, Australia
I teach at a very large elementary school, and I have been encouraging all of my fellow teachers to download the Lite version for their classrooms. I have been extremely impressed with your product, and the price of the Deluxe version is very reasonable. Many of my teachers have said that they will be purchasing the Deluxe version as well. Thank you so much for creating such a helpful program, and keeping the cost of registering it to a minimum.

Christy H.
I am writing to let you know how much I love Worksheet Factory Lite. It's a fantastic program. I home school my children, and my son has been having difficulty learning the multiplication tables. The program has really helped him, and he is doing so much better at Math now. Also, the little added extras of being able to add your own pics, and changing the font are a nice plus. Money is sometimes a little tight, so being able to use the program for free is wonderful! Thank you for such a wonderful program!

Lisa V.
Gordon, Nebraska, USA
Just wanted to say how great I think your product is - I have a 5 year old who is hungry for sums and Mathematics Worksheet Factory Lite is just the ticket. Love the way that, as well as a random number generator, I can manually set the sums to create worksheets on times tables for example or creating progressive patterns. The joke generator is cool too - I know my daughter will be really tickled by the jokes at the top of the worksheets. It's great to be able to switch from vertical to horizontal - she's familiar with horizontal and other worksheet generators I found on the web didn't have this option. Also glad to be able to change the number of sums on a page - 25 for a 5 year old can be a bit confusing. Nice layout, good clear font. A very good piece of software altogether, just what I was looking for.

Kate S.