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What teachers are saying about Math Resource Studio

Here is a collection of reviews we have received from trainers, instructors, teachers, home-schoolers, and parents who have used Math Resource Studio and found it helpful in advancing the math skills of their students.

If you have a review or comment regarding your experience with Math Resource Studio that you are willing to share with others, please write to We would love to hear from you!

You have an absolutely terrific product. The ease, versatility, and customizability of this program are outstanding. It completely eliminates the need for expensive workbooks full of black-line masters. I honestly cannot say enough about this program. Now that I've purchased my copy, I really think you should raise the price! It's an absolute steal. Every teacher should have this program.

You are marvelous!!! I can't thank you enough for all the assistance and guidance you have shown and given me. I really appreciate it. My daughter is really struggling with Maths and this program is exactly what she can understand. I've spent a fortune on Math Books and your program has saved Holly (and me!). Many, many thanks.

I have used this product [Math Resource Studio] my whole teaching career – for the last 17 years – and have recommended it to parents and other teachers, to the extent that it was installed in my last school. Last summer, I moved schools and, knowing that my new school didn’t have it, thought I would just print off the necessary worksheets from home and bring them in for my students. Well, that is NOT working! I had no idea how often I just printed off a quick worksheet for fast finishers, or changed a worksheet to challenge learners and I have missed having it in the school. I decided to investigate further, and think that your upgraded product is incredible. I showed it to my colleague and she also was amazed by it’s versatility and the comprehensiveness of the range of activities.

I want to let you know what terrific products you have created and how valuable they are to both teachers and parents. I am a third grade teacher who has been using your [Math Resource Studio] program for a couple of years now to design worksheets to reinforce all facets of our math curriculum.

Your program is a perfect addition for my classroom. My school is in the process of buying the program for the entire school. The math program works well for IEPs [Individualized Education Plans] because I can create and make specific math worksheets for individual students based on their assessed needs.

I love the new Math Resource Studio, it is very teacher-friendly, much like the Schoolhouse Test software. Your products are a must for teachers. What a time saver!

I have just spent the last few hours going through the program [Math Resource Studio] in more detail. I may be missing some things, but I am having absolutely no issues with the program. It is doing exactly what I am wanting it to do. I am really impressed with the changes that have been made to the program. Good work to you and all of your people.

We run a tutoring service at a college. Your [Math Resource Studio] is a real plus! Students from adult basic education, trades, business and upgrading, as well as community members upgrading skills for apprenticeships or the GED have benefited. We recommended it to three other departments who then got together and purchased a site license! It works successfully with slow learners, and we have incorporated it into distance delivery courses for independent learners. It's very refreshing to provide the practice students need within a minute, without culling a limited number of not-quite adequate questions from a variety of texts! So many textbooks don't provide practice with mixed operations, yet this is critical to student success on exams! As well, there is never enough practice in texts -- this program makes the practice possibilities endless!

I love being able to control not only the number of questions and the difficulty, but also the terror factor inherent in a large number of questions or questions with complex numbers that also ask students to deal with new concepts. Now we can control question difficulty until students are ready for more involved questions (i.e. involving decimals or fractions)! The program allows us to meet individual needs at a moment's notice without hassle -- and makes tutoring a pleasure, because appropriate material is only a keyboard away. This program is an example of superlatively EXCELLENT educational software. And your support (the little we needed it!) is the best we've had for any software.

While I'm typing, you should know that I first started using Schoolhouse Technologies about 20 years ago to help my children (I was a "stay-at-home" mom). When I became a teacher, I bought the program for my own use in my classroom [Math Resource Studio]. Once I had a few years under my belt, I asked our principal if we could have it school-wide. In all these years, your company has provided outstanding customer service, and I really appreciate it!!

I cannot tell you how wonderful this Math Resource Studio is. Thank you.

The program [Math Resource Studio] looks even better than before. I sang praises about your program at a recent PD day in our area. I hope others take up the program. I think it is fantastic in its flexibility and usability. Thank you very much for the resource - my students enjoyed their algebra experience.