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With six editions of Schoolhouse Test from Free to Enterprise, there is an affordable pricing option for everyone. For help in making your selection, check out the comparison and frequently asked questions.

Get the free multiple-choice edition with Pro evaluation.
Get started with 4 question types.
Move up to 10 question types plus Question Bank.
14 question types plus Question Bank, Global Randomization, Design Editor.
Pro edition for all users across an entire site.
Pro edition site-wide plus publishing.
Windows 10, 8, 7  Designed for Windows 10, 8, 7

Your products are fantastic; slowly but surely the peers in my building are buying your programs. Yesterday we had a staff meeting and I shared your Test writing program [Schoolhouse Test] with other teachers. Washington State's WASL, the state test, is written exactly like your program. For years we have struggled to make templates to fit the test. I shared your program, and there was even discussion of purchasing a site license. Please keep working, love the new games on the vocabulary program.