Schoolhouse Test

New in Version 6

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Check out the new features in version 6

New in this major version release is ZipGrade compatibility, multi-match question type, selection question type, sub-numbering, duplicate check, backgrounds, justified text, numbered lists, refreshed interface, and a whole lot more.

  • ZipGrade Compatible: Grade a class set of multiple choice questions with your smart phone in minutes. More info at
  • Picture Editor: Updated picture editor with full editing including resizing, cropping, rotation, flipping, drawing, text, color adjustments, effects, and more.
  • Numbered Lists: Add numbered lists to text with shortcut. Choose from numeric, letters, Roman Numerals.
  • Justified Text: New alignment option. Select left, right, center, and now justified.
  • Selection: New question type with inline word and term choices.
  • Multi-Match: New question type with matching of statements to selections from multiple possible matches.
  • Import/Export: Updated dialogs. And now includes QTI (Question and Test Interoperability) format.
  • Sub Numbering: Option added to groups to increment the primary question number by decimal values (e.g., 3.1, 3.2, 3.3) until end of group.
  • Check for Duplicates: Check for duplicate questions based on the question text.
  • Multiple Choice: Random choices can now be automatically activated up to a set limit.
  • Title Goups, Headers, Footers: multiple custom configurations can now be saved and used.
  • Randomization: Groups can now be randomized within the document.
  • Background: New option that allows the addition of a background image or watermark to the document.
  • Marks: Option added providing a choice of horizontal or vertical format.
  • Layout: Additional options added in document and answer sheet for further customizing format and spacing.
  • Text Edit: Added special characters to Symbol selection. Includes emdash, non-breaking space, and non-breaking hyphen with shortcuts.
  • Question Bank: View button now allows an instant preview of text in an item.
  • Refreshed Interface: New contemporary look.