Video Tutorials for Latest Product Versions

Schoolhouse Test 4

Creating a Test
Working with Question Marks, Samples, and Numbering
The Question Bank
Matching Question
Randomizing Multiple-Choice Questions
Adding Pictures
Randomizing Sections
Working with Multiple Choice Questions
MS Word Equations in Schoolhouse Test

Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 5 & 6

Getting Started
Introduction to Single Document Format
A Look at the Sentence Parser
Creating a Word Search
Creating a Cloze Activity from any Text
Word Bank Numbering Direction
Creating a New Word List
Change Data for Multiple Activities
Personalize with Customization Options
Save and Use Templates
Using a Title Group
Word List in Multiple Activities

Math Resource Studio 6

Header and Footer
Counting Money

Schoolhouse Bingo 3

Introduction to Schoolhouse Bingo
Creating Custom Bingo Cards

Video Tutorials for Earlier Product Versions

Schoolhouse Test 3

Making a Multiple-Choice Test
Customizing the Header and Title Group
How to Create a List with Prompts Question
How to Create a List Question
Basic Steps to Create a Multiple Choice Question

Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 4

Creating Your First Vocabulary Worksheet
How to Create a Word Search
Using the Cloze Editor
Customizing the Title Group
Checking Your Spelling in the Word List Editor
How to Create a Word List
Making Vocabulary Worksheets
Making a French Word Search
Using the Thesaurus in the Word List Editor
Using the Text Editor
Importing a Word List
Using the Magic Text Distiller
Adding a Spelling Dictionary
Using the Edit Tools in the Word List Editor

Math Resource Studio 5

Interface Overview
Making an Addition Worksheet
Changing the Font Size
Customizing Number Words
Number Format for Word Problems
Digit Grouping Workaround

Schoolhouse Bingo 2

Making a Multiplication Bingo Game
Making a Bingo Game with Built-In Data Set

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