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Volume Licensing Program

The Schoolhouse Technologies Volume Licensing Program makes it cost effective to purchase for schools as well as learning facilities within business, government, and other institutions. We offer very flexible volume licensing options based on group size that can be easily tailored to meet your needs.

Group size volume licensing is determined by one of the following criteria:

  • group size based on student population served
  • group size based on number of application users

The Volume Licensing Program explained along with sample usage scenarios...

To make your volume license purchase online with credit card or PayPal, enter the number of each license you require below and click the Add to Cart button. Purchase orders are also accepted.

  Small Group
less than 250 students
up to 5 members
Medium Group
250 to 600 students
6 to 10 members
Large Group
601 to 1000 students
11 to 20 members
X-Large Group
more than 1000 students
21 to 40 members
Math Resource Studio   x  $129   x  $199   x  $259   x  $329
Vocabulary Worksheet Factory   x  $129   x  $199   x  $259   x  $329
Schoolhouse Test   x  $129   x  $199   x  $259   x  $329
Schoolhouse Bingo   x  $79   x  $119   x  $159   x  $199
Purchase Multiple Licenses and Save

Buy 2 and Save %10
Buy 3 and Save %15
Buy 4 and Save %20
Buy 5 to 10 and Save %25
Buy 11 to 15 and Save %30
Buy 16 to 20 and Save %35
Buy 21 to 30 and Save %40
Buy 31 to 40 and Save %45
Buy 41 to 50+ and Save %50
Discounts will be applied in shopping cart.
For Windows 7, Vista, XP. For Windows 7, Vista, XP

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