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Resource Creation Software for the Differentiated Classroom

Create worksheets, activities, and tests to support an individualized education program with resource creation software from Schoolhouse Technologies.

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Schoolhouse Test

Schoolhouse Test is an easy-to-use test making software program that makes quick work out of generating professional printable tests, quizzes, and exams. Includes randomization, question bank, answer sheets, and 16 question types including multiple choice, matching, fill-in-the-blanks, and more.

Math Resource Studio

Provide students with the precise math skills development they need as part of a differentiated numeracy program. Generate individual or class sets of math worksheets to cover essential practice in basic facts, number operations, algebra, fractions, measurement, geometry, consumer math, and more.

Vocabulary Worksheet Factory

Improve and reinforce the vocabulary skills of your students with challenging and motivating worksheet activities created with Vocabulary Worksheet Factory. It is the ideal resource for spelling, language arts, ESL instruction, and vocabulary enrichment in any subject.

Schoolhouse Bingo

Provide your students with a learning experience that is both enjoyable and effective. With Schoolhouse Bingo you can easily create and administer educational bingo games to support and reinforce lessons in any area of the curriculum. Your students will welcome the change of pace.

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