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Introducing Vocabulary Worksheet Factory

Delve into the nuts and bolts of Vocabulary Worksheet Factory with these video introductions. Videos are approximately one to two minutes in length. And, for an even more in-depth exploration, check out the video tutorials available in the Learning Center.

One word list - 26 activities

Create 26 vocabulary activities instantly from just one word list.

  • All it takes is a list of words with accompanying clues.
  • Generate new original activities with a click of a button.
  • Includes crosswords, word searches, jumbles, decoding, spelling, and more.
  • Add optional word banks for any activity.

One text block - eight activities

Create eight vocabulary text activities from a single block of text.

  • Includes cloze tests, cryptograms, spelling and punctuation practice, and more.
  • Generate a text worksheet and send it to the printer in seconds.
  • Each activity is automatically generated from the provided text.

One sentence collection - seven activities

Create seven vocabulary sentence activities from a single collection of sentences.

  • Includes spelling, word shapes, scrambles, matching, and more.
  • Spelling activity provides auto-generated misspellings for selected words or make your own.
  • Break sentences into scrambled parts, reverse the sentence, or remove spacing and punctuation.
  • Generate a sentence-based vocabulary worksheet and send it to the printer in seconds.

Cloze activity

Create printable cloze activities and tests from any text block.

  • Simply set the increment for removal of words, e.g., every 5th word.
  • Double-click to remove specific words.
  • Add words to a list to be removed automatically, e.g., selected articles.
  • Provide a randomized word bank of the removed words.


Generate crossword worksheet activities from any word list.

  • A completely new crossword with a single click.
  • Add a word bank with jumbled words for an additional challenge.
  • Provide hints as a percentage of letters or as complete across or down words.
  • Create crosswords with missing across or down words for cooperative puzzle solving.

Three types of word searches

Use any word list to create three different types of word searches.

  • Standard word search, word angles, and wacky trails.
  • For an extra challenge, word bank words can be jumbled.
  • Employ a word bank or clues or both.
  • Use start bubbles to aid discovery.

We home-school our three boys. We used the Vocabulary Worksheet Factory last year to supplement their spelling curricula. We changed their curricula this year, so we didn't use it in the beginning. They were not doing well on their spelling/vocabulary tests, so I thought I would go back to using your product (after three weeks without it). Their test scores went from barely C's to 100's in the first week we began using it again. Thank you so much for your product.