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Introducing Schoolhouse Test

Delve into the nuts and bolts of Schoolhouse Test with these short video introductions. Videos are approximately one to two minutes in length. And, for an even more in-depth exploration, check out the video tutorials available in the Learning Center.

Multiple choice

It only takes a few quick steps to generate a multiple-choice test ready for printing.

  • Add multiple-choice questions from the list of 14 question types.
  • Enter the text for the questions.
  • Select the correct choices.
  • Test document and answer sheet are automatically generated.

Automated randomization

Randomization of questions or question elements within a test allows for the safe administration of tests within the same class or across multiple classes and school terms.

  • Use the Randomize button to automatically change the order of choices in any question.
  • Use global randomization (*Pro Edition) to automate randomization across the entire test.

Multiple-choice alternatives

Add flexibility to your tests with these alternatives to the multiple-choice question while retaining ease of administration and scoring

  • Checklist: a list of items that should be included or not included in the list as defined by the question statement.
  • Statements: a list of statements that are either true or false.
  • Matching: a list of terms to be matched with the correct definition.
  • True/False: the basic true or false question.


The test document is automatically generated. But you determine the look and feel using more than 100 design and layout options.

  • Set alignment and spacing.
  • Select styles and formats.
  • Set the number of columns.
  • Choose the fonts and colors.

Answer sheet

The automatically generated answer sheet provides for easy administration and marking. Plus, it saves paper and printer toner.

  • Speed marking.
  • Save test documents for future use.
  • Provide practice in taking standardized tests.
  • Save paper and printer toner.


A fill-in-the-blanks question is a great way to test contextual reading comprehension. And creating one doesn't get any easier than this.

  • Type or paste your block of text.
  • Double-click on individual words to replace them with numbered lines.
  • Select phrases and click the Select button to replace them with numbered lines.
  • The removed words are added to an optional word bank.


The table question is the ideal format to test knowledge of data that is normally presented in a table format.

  • Add the number of required columns and rows.
  • Fill the table cells with your data.
  • Click to select the cells that will require filling for the test.

I do appreciate your products...and I love the [Schoolhouse Test]! I was able to create a 30 question Social Studies test in 15 minutes first time. Thank you for such a great product!